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Amaqanda Learning Garden is a remarkable project within Philippi Village, serving as a beacon of learning, innovation, sustainability, and community-driven change. This special garden embodies the transformative power of agriculture and permaculture, addressing pressing societal challenges while nurturing a spirit of education, self-sufficiency, and resilience within our community.

The garden, now in its 2nd year, has already yielded impressive results. Over the course of January 2023, we harvested a staggering 100 kg of fresh, organic vegetables. This abundance is a testament to our dedication to sustainable farming practices and the regenerative capabilities of our soil, which is revitalized with the help of our pioneering chickens. These chickens not only aid in soil regeneration but also provide us with delicious, organic eggs as a by-product.

To showcase the beauty and impact of our garden, we offer weekly tours, allowing visitors to witness firsthand the principles of permaculture in action. Moreover, we have established partnerships with various outlets, including Dorp Hotel, Ladless of Love, Sustainability Institute, Good to Gather, Lello's Deli, and The Big Backpackers, supplying them with our fresh, locally grown produce.

But our efforts extend beyond the garden's physical boundaries. Amaqanda Learning Garden actively engages with the community through programs such as the Captain Fanplastic initiative, which aims to educate young people about environmental awareness and recycling. Additionally, our garden afterschool program provides valuable knowledge to young individuals, teaching them about farming, soil revitalization, seed saving, compost development, and recycling.

The impact of our garden reaches its peak during our June 2023 Holiday program, which saw an impressive attendance of 104 children. This program served as an enriching experience for these young minds, fostering a deep connection with nature, sustainable practices, and the importance of food security.

Amaqanda Learning Garden stands as a testament to the potential for positive change within our community. Through education, sustainability, and community involvement, we strive to create a brighter and more resilient future for all.

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