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Class of 2013

As a rider in the Freedom Challenge, I race, ride and tour along the Freedom Trial truly experiencing my passion for life. Little wonder then that this event is labelled as "The soul of mountain biking". As a rider, I stretch my mental and physical limits; I am rewarded with an unforgettable and enriching experience in the rural and most remote parts of SA. Even the unrelenting mountainous terrain and harsh winter conditions serves only to contribute to the depths of this personal challenge. As rider I also realise that this opportunity is not just about mountain biking. It has forever changed the way that I view the people along the Freedom Trail and it has certainly opened my eyes to begin working towards a better life for my fellow South Africans. As a rider of the Freedom Challenge I understand the significance of education and opportunity. It’s fitting then to contribute by creating opportunities for the kids along the Freedom Trail

Group Statistics

Donations to date

R 168 360.00

Fundraising target

R 350 000.00