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"Class of 2011"

In an effort to support and grow the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund we are this year challenging each of the 2011 Freedom Challengers to personally raise money for this cause.

 It would be fantastic if, as the "Class of 2011" we can leave our mark by kicking off the first FC charity challenge and setting the benchmark for all future FC Challengers. This would be one way that we could give back to the communities and ensure that all future participants follow in our tracks.

 I have not met a Freedom Challenger, or for that matter, anybody who has been involved with the Freedom Challenge, that has not wanted to contribute something back to benefit and uplift the local communities. The Scholarship Fund is certainly the most exciting initiative that enables us contribute and make a difference through our love for adventure.

Group Statistics

Donations to date

R 271 020.00

Fundraising target

R 350 000.00