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Kolisi Foundation: Birthday Fundraisers (2022) Image

Kolisi Foundation: Birthday Fundraisers (2022)

Kolisi Foundation: Donate your birthday.

Donate your birthday by creating a fundraiser for the Kolisi Foundation. It is a unique opportunity to bring people together for a common goal. What better way to unite people than with a birthday? Instead of receiving gifts on your birthday, choose to raise money instead of presents.

Are you turning 30? Fundraise R300, R3000 or even R30,000! Celebrate the day you were given life by helping us change the narratives of inequality in South Africa. 

It's super simple yet deeply impactful. It resonates with our motto, to "remember the one, one by one". You have the tools and power to make an impact, but it starts by being intentional and taking action. Thank you for choosing to be the ONE who celebrates differently.

Click on the link to create your Kolisi Foundation birthday fundraiser:

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