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Sports & Culture

At Philippi Village, we are dedicated to providing free community-based programming that addresses the needs and interests of our residents. Through extensive surveys, we discovered a strong demand for sports facilities, which led us to implement various sports programs.

Each of our sports programs is managed by a trained Space Activator from the community. These young individuals have been equipped with the necessary skills to support and oversee the activities. Additionally, we strive to enhance the participants' experience by providing snacks whenever possible.

Currently, we offer a range of free programs, including soccer, basketball, BMX Pump Track, running, netball, pop-up cinema, and a reading club. These programs not only promote physical activity but also foster a sense of community and personal development.

However, sustaining and expanding these programs has become increasingly challenging. We understand the value they bring to our community and are actively seeking ways to ensure their continuation.

We are open to any suggestions or support that can help us maintain and improve our sports programs. Our ultimate goal is to create a safe and inclusive space where community members can engage in sports and development activities, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being.

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