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Steptember 2018 Image

Steptember 2018

Steptember Campaign - Get active and healthy for a great cause.

The 2018 ‘Steptember’ campaign challenges people to take 10,000 steps a day for 30 days in, yes you guessed it, the month of September. Join Steps for 30 days of stepping to help kids walk.

Can you meet our challenge for a month? From 1 September to 30 September, commit to take 10 000 steps a day. Track your progress. Ask your family, friends and work mates to sponsor the steps you take on your journey to support clubfoot children. Challenge people you know to beat your number of steps. Every rand that you raise will go towards supporting the 2,000 South African babies born every year with clubfoot - a common birth defect that, if left untreated, means difficulty in walking - for life.

30 days of Stepping will raise the critical funds needed to help more children born with clubfoot to walk, run and play, without disability.

Everybody can join this healthy initiative. ‘Steptember’ is done in your own time, wherever you want to, and you log your steps online daily.

Become a Stepper in ‘Steptember’ and change children’s lives.


How does it work?

  • Create a campaign page on Backabuddy.
  • Set your Stepping goal, 10,000 steps a day is the challenge!
  • Set a fundraising goal.
  • Make a team of friends or co-workers to keep you motivated.
  • Ask your supporters to sponsor your Stepping.
  • Log your number of steps daily.
  • Share your inspiring journey with hundreds of other Steppers on your social media accounts.
  • Raise awareness!
  • Feel better - by taking part you improve your own health and also benefit children in need!


*There’s more than one way to count your steps for ‘Steptember’


‘Steptember’ - Steps converter.

You can reach your target step count in many ways.

Example: One hour of these activities converted to steps

Cycling (Slow-Fast) 7 800 - 12 000 steps

Golf (carrying cart) 6 540 steps

Shopping   4 200 steps

Gardening 1 000 steps

Swimming         10 000 steps


Some big names are joining us -

Our #ClubfootChampion, Cameron van der Burgh is already signed up!

It’s true that taking 10,000 steps a day for 30 days straight is a huge commitment.

But, every step you take during ‘Steptember’ is for a very worthy cause. That should keep you motivated! That and wanting to get a bit fitter with summer just around the corner.

Thanks to the sponsorship of friends, family and colleagues, you’ll be raising funds to help pay for training of doctors, parent education, clinic support, clubfoot braces, and research into improving treatment for clubfoot.

Every rand you raise during ‘Steptember’ gets more kids treated. Your commitment helps Steps to provide vital clubfoot care for children born with clubfoot and their families.  Kids like Luca and Lethabo overcome the challenge of a birth defect and go on to live active and productive lives without disability.

Group Statistics

Donations to date

R 8 200.00

Fundraising target

R 30 000.00