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The Great Shark Swim December 2017 Image

The Great Shark Swim December 2017

Madswimmer is back in the waters… This year we are using the Mighty Agulhas Current to give swimmers speed and we aim to do the fastest ever 100 km swim in one day (sunrise to sunset), starting 20 km offshore from Park Rynie to Port Edward.

This will be a world record fast swim and aims to create awareness of the alarmingly decreasing numbers of sharks. By swimming among these Apex Predators 12 and 15 hours, unprotected, we want to demonstrate humans are more likely to be killed by their kitchen toasters than being killed by a shark, while humans kill more than 100 million sharks annually, mostly for a really expensive soup in Asia.

Sharks are among Earth’s oldest forms of life. They have been around 200 million years before the first dinosaurs. Beside their icon status, the loss of sharks will have detrimental effects on the ecological stability of marine environment. Sharks are in real trouble and need all the help they can get.  

Help us to spread the message and contribute to one or more of the below BackaBuddy profiles. Funds raised will benefit Madswimmer’s registered children’s charities.

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Donations to date

R 140 717.44

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R 200 000.00