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Catherine Taylor


1 in every 5 children in South Africa do not receive any Early Childhood Development Training. It costs R180 a month to send a child to an Early Childhood Development Facility = R2160 a year!

We have decided to buy a tandem bike and cycle the Argus in order to raise funds for 5 children to go to school.

This is really a HUGE challenge not only for Catherine, who can barely walk to the shops down the street, but ESPECIALLY for Nick who will most likely be dragging Catherine up every hill! 

Please sponsor us in this crazy adventure, you will be doing your bit to

- build stronger and healthier communities

- Reduce the crime rate

- Lower Social Costs

- Contribute towards creating more productive and contributing citizens

and Economic improvement


p.s. I kindly request that you do not base your sponsorship on the fact that we have to actually finish the race ON TIME! We plan on finishing it, but may not be in the allocated time allowed :)

Our bike is about 102 years old (think Cool Runnings and the Jamaican Bob Sled Team) so we might have to carry it over the finish line!



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