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Kim Williams


Kim Williams founder member of Team Zodwa Fire & Ice 777 summits quest, to climb 1 million metres of extreme mountain terrain to feed 1 million children every day for 1 year, 1 metre at a time.                                                                                                                           Kim Williams is an advanced life support paramedic from City of Johannesburg Fire dept, based at Florida Park Fire Station. Rachel Meth is EMT/Firefighter from Rosebank fire station and the third member Khabo Legote was shot dead by her policeman husband on 6th April 2010, Kim and Rachel continue to climb in Khabo's memory to finish what the three started when the all three successfully summited Mt Kilimanjaro in 2009.    Over the past 6 years they have raised more than R250 000-00 for various charities                                                           

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