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100km with Character - Team FJ

Personal message

Hi Everyone, My name is Francois Joubert, I'm the founder of Strive for Exceptional, and I am a proud mentor at the Character Company.  That is what I want to talk to you about today.

At the character company, we intentionally mentor young boys, from as little as five years old, that does not have a male role model in their life.  We teach them values that not only has a significant impact on their lives but will help them transform the communities they live in as well.

Our Goal is to help raise boys to be good men with strong values, positively impacting families, communities and society, via a long-term MENtorship program.


But, we need your help and support to fund this great cause.  Without your help, we will not be able to instill the values of courage, kindness, honesty, self-discipline, and respect to these boys.

That is why, on the 10 November 2019, 40 brave souls will attempt to cycle 100km each, and I'm one of them. You heard it right; I'm going to try to cycle 100km.  It is called the 100km with character.  Now, if you know me, I vowed back in 2012 that I would never ever get onto a bike again - well, I'm breaking that promise for this great cause

I need your help with is sponsorship, and there are three options you can sponsor me:

Option 1 - A per kilometer sponsor, i.e., R10 per km, or

Option 2 - You make a once off donation, i.e., R100 or R500 or R1,000 or 

Option 3 - Your company (either your own or the one you work for) wants to do a corporate sponsor

Whichever you choose, I have a minimum target of R10,000 that I need to raise but hey - who just what to do the minimum, right.

I know and understand that I'm not the only one asking.  That is why I want to set the example and my company - Strive For Exceptional will start this off with an R5,000 donation.

I know that with your help, we can 10 X the minimum target.  Your donation will help us take more boys on camping experiences, enroll more boys into our mentorship program, and you get to invest into a better society, actively.

So, If you want to get involved with this fantastic cause and help us to raise boys to be good men, get in contact with me at either with a DM, a FB message, Whatsapp me on 072 456 2275, or comment on this post.

And remember, your donation is tax-deductible.  You will receive an A18 certificate for your donation.

Thank you, I value your time because time is valuable.our 

Until we chat again


Visit for more info on this fantastic program.


Donations to date

R 33 650.00

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 33 650.00

The Character Company

The Character Company Logo

The Character Company is a long term mentorship programme for young boys growing up with absent fathers - raising boys to be good men.  Other than the weekly and monthly programmes, holiday camps and “one-on-one” intervention we also focus on support for single mothers and raising awareness of the impact of absent fathers on our families and society.