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100km with Character - Team van Schalkwyk

Personal message

As the founder of the Character Company and a husband and dad of 3 girls, the current wave of violence against woman and children is hugely concerning to me.  What is even more troubling is that we as a society does not seem to get to a point where it is "ENOUGH".  Today's horror is tomorrows normal in South Africa and we seem to react to every crisis with outrage that is quickly replaced with the next hot topic.  At the Character Company we are actively and deliberately mentoring boys from as young as 5 to grow up to be better men, men that will not tolerate the current status quo as easily as we seem to do.  When we look at what is happening in South Africa right now - we are saying #Not Us!

On Sunday the 10th of November we are joining forces with other men and woman that want to make a difference and cycling 100km on our team bike in partnership with Planet Fitness and Fruit & Veg City at Cradlestone Mall in Krugersdorp.  Together with my wife and my 3 daughters we are taking this challenge head on - the target is to raise R100 per km but we are not a family that sticks to the minimum and as the Dad of the Character Company I have to set a good example, so our team target is R50,000.  We can off course not do this alone so we need your help.  Please join forces with us and help us by sponsoring us R100 per km and spread the word to your network so that we can make our target.


Donations to date

R 18 500.00

Fundraising target

R 15 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 18 500.00

The Character Company

The Character Company Logo

The Character Company is a long term mentorship programme for young boys growing up with absent fathers - raising boys to be good men.  Other than the weekly and monthly programmes, holiday camps and “one-on-one” intervention we also focus on support for single mothers and raising awareness of the impact of absent fathers on our families and society.