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365 Mandela Days of Care

365 Mandela Days of Care

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Help us care for our amazing staff that all have families of their own to care for whilst caring for our residents

As the needs of our community change so Orion from time to time has to change the service offering to suit the needs of our clients with disabilities.

Our Residential Care Department is home to 82 adults with a host of different disabilities who live in one of our 6 Group Home Facilities.  To approximately 50 of these adults Orion is the only home they have, there are no family members who take an interest in them or to whom they can go for holidays and weekends…. Orion is their home, the only home they have.

Our Residential Facility comprises 6 houses, each with a unique mix of individuals.  Currently we have 4 homes catering for clients who require assisted living, in other words they can do most things for themselves but they need assistance with some of their daily tasks, including personal care and routines.   

Each of these 4 homes have 2 care workers who live on the premises and who work in shifts so that when the residents are home in the evenings, mornings and weekends that there is someone to assist them with the tasks where they needs help – “a house mother so to speak”. 

In June 2019 Orion opened up its first Independent Living Home on the property, this home currently caters for 8 adults who are being trained to live independently from Orion, these clients have been identified as being able to move on from Orion and live independently in the community with a support system but not full supervision, therefor, in this house there is not a permanent care worker, the individuals here look after themselves and their home completely  with the group home manager having her office in the house and keeping an eye on things during the day, ensuring that the house is in order and that things are on track. 

During the evening care workers from the other homes go and pop in just to ensure that everyone is doing well, but there is no care worker living permanently in the home, therefore a support system is in place, but there is far greater independence for these clients, who are also receiving educational programs and interventions as part of their individual development programs and organized by the social work team during the day to equip them to potentially live outside of Orion.

Our 6th home is a High Care Unit, for those clients who need medical care 24 hours a day.  This home currently has 18 clients living in it and has two 12 hour shifts of 3 care workers per shift each day to ensure that the clients receive the necessary care 24 hours per day. 

These clients are typically those who are unable to care for any of their own needs, they need assistance with everything, they are clients who have disabilities that degenerate and worsen over time leaving them more and more disabled as they age.  
This home is also a new addition and was officially opened in June 2019 as we realized that the changing physical needs of some of our clients demanded 24 hour care.

Orion’s 6 Group Homes which in summary consist of 4 assisted living homes, 1 independent living home and 1 high care facility, is one of the few such projects in the Western Cape. 
We currently have a waiting list of 60 people who are desperately in need of such services with additional calls almost on a daily basis, some of these calls are from old aged homes who have people with disabilities there just because there is nowhere else for them to be, hospitals who have patients that are in desperate need of placement or families where mom and dad have become frail and can no longer adequately care for their disabled family member, the reality however is that Orion is full and there are just not enough care facilities for the disabled.

Keeping our Residential Care Department open is essential to our beneficiaries, without Orion the greater majority would land up in facilities that are ill equipped to care for their specific needs (like frail care centers and old aged homes), the rising costs however are a constant threat to the service as the only income to cover costs is a grant from the Department of Social Development and a portion of each client’s grant, this however falls short of the actual costs of running the department because it is people intensive, we need a high number of staff members in order to provide an effective service to our clients.  

Help us care for our amazing staff that all have families of their own to care for whilst caring for our residents. PLEASE


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  • "For the love of people with disability" - Hannl Cronje

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