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From Khayelitsha to the World Cup

Personal message

The vision of the Gary Kirsten Foundation is to create and maintain cricketing ecosystems in township  areas, where a lack of quality infrastructure and coaching is limiting young players potential to develop

Since 2014, the GK Foundation has supplied five Khayelitsha schools with newly constructed artificial cricket nets, complete kit bags with cricket equipment and a full-time cricket coach, under the guidance of Gary Kirsten Cricket.

Local Khayelitsha coaches have been identified, trained and employed by the Foundation. These coaches have become the heroes of these programmes as they commit daily to township cricket development, and now the Foundation wants to reward them and their players with the opportunity to go to the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England.

 Most of the players and coaches from Khayelitsha have never been on a flight, never mind an overseas trip, and there could be no better event than the ICC Cricket World Cup to show these young people what is possible in sport, and in life.

“I want to give them the opportunity of a lifetime - to go on a tour to the UK” says Kirsten,

 “They will play cricket against top schools, meet their Protea heroes and attend matches at the biggest event of the sport that they love.

“In turn, I want to share the story of the GK Foundation to the International cricketing community, on a platform that could potentially reach millions across the world. “

A full squad (13 players) of U/13 Players from GK Foundation in Khayelitsha as well as 3 coaches, including Kirsten, will travel to England in June 2019. The tour will include attending three Protea games -  vs Afghanistan in Cardiff on the 15 June, SA v NZ in Birmingham on the 19th and against Pakistan on 24 June at the home of cricket, Lords.

The GK Foundation is embarking on a fundraising drive in collaboration with Crowdfunding platform BackaBuddy. If you or your company would like to donate to this initiative, please click on the yellow donate button.

Donations are section18A tax deductable.

Note for Corporate Sponsors

As a GK Foundation World Cup Tour Corporate  Sponsor, there will be several touchpoints to ensure ROI for your investment, with potential opportunities listed, but not limited to those outlined in this document.

 Brand Visibility

  • All players and coaches will be wearing specially made GKF Tour kit with sponsors’ logo prominently displayed.
  • Social Media Content will be shared throughout the Tour to the Gary Kirsten Cricket Social Accounts, which together have more than 520 000 Followers.
  • Included in this content will be a video ‘Tour Diary’ which will share the daily adventures of the children and coaches at the World Cup.
  • The Gary Kirsten Foundation and Academy websites will include features and logos of the Tour sponsors.
  • An Official GK World Cup Tour brochure will be created and shared on our travels, including notes from our Sponsors.

Events and Engagement

  • Sponsors will be invited to attend a Pre-Tour farewell event kit handover for all children and their parents and schools.
  • There will be at least one Fundraiser evening with sponsors in the UK, where we will have the opportunity to share the story and vision of the Foundation and increase visibility to an international audience.
  • Sponsor representatives will be invited to join the tour group at matches and fundraiser evenings.
  • Opportunity for interaction with the Protea team at one of their practices in during the World Cup.
  • After the Tour GKF will host a post-tour event to showcase and recap on all that happened on the Tour.


Media & PR

  • A documentary team will follow the tour, including all the buildup and preparation, culminating in attending the World Cup and meeting the Proteas.
  • A Press Release announcing the Tour including the Sponsorship will be sent out to relevant local and International Media.
  • Gary Kirsten will be appearing on EspnCricinfo (the biggest Cricket Website in the world) during the World Cup where there will be opportunities to speak about the tour.
  • Supersport Magazine shows such as Inside Edge and Extra Cover will do features on the tour during the World Cup.
  • Local and International media will be invited to follow the trip, interview Gary, coaches and players with sponsor mentions as far as possible.


  • May 05, 2020 - USD $ 1 000.00
  • "Love the work you do and hope that creating this cricketing ecosystem will create a genuine positive impact for the community." - Iishaan Shekhar

  • Apr 28, 2020 - USD $ 200.00
  • "Great work Tim and the team!" - James Gladstone

  • Mar 08, 2020 - USD $ 254.01
  • "This donation is on behalf of all of us who toured South Africa in 1980 and 1983. We had a "40 years on" lunch recently and wanted to send you our best wishes " - Tony Monteuuis on behalf of The Greenheads

  • Jan 22, 2020 - USD $ 588.23
  • "Further to our donation of equipment, CriKit Limited is pleased to make a further cash donation towards the Indoor Centre. Good luck!" - CriKit Limited - Tom Robinson

  • Dec 03, 2019 - USD $ 163.54
  • "Cape Town" - Chris Nash

  • Nov 11, 2019 - USD $ 400.00
  • "A huge thanks to Tim, Sivu, and Impendulo Primary School for arranging a great day in Khayelitsha!" - RAW TV LTD

  • Aug 01, 2019 - USD $ 2 826.87
  • "On behalf of Mimecast UK " - Mimecast

  • Jul 24, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "#FParry" - Richard Parry

  • Jul 18, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "#FParry" - Ernesto

  • Jul 18, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "#FParry " - Matt

  • Jul 18, 2019 - USD $ 14.32
  • "#FParry" - John

  • Jul 18, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "#FParry" - Walter

  • Jun 25, 2019 - R 200.00
  • "Well done Gazza with this initiative as you'll get f/all from the corrupt sports bodies????" - Barry

  • Jun 25, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Good luck!" - Anon

  • Jun 23, 2019 - USD $ 34.88
  • "Wishing you all the success on your inspirational journey!" - Mo

  • Jun 21, 2019 - USD $ 627.11
  • "An inspiring journey, thank you for coming to Weybridge, UK." - DB

  • Jun 21, 2019 - USD $ 159.32
  • "Thank you Gary, amazing event in Weybridge, UK. Incredible to see what you and your GKF team are doing. Simon, Mimecast." - Simon Thornberry

  • Jun 10, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "Well done Timo and Team" - Meg & Matt

  • May 24, 2019 - USD $ 252.72
  • "Good Luck in England well deserved, I hope you are made as welcome as you made us at The Gary Kirsten Academy on our Girls Tour in 2017" - Peter Kettle

  • May 17, 2019 - USD $ 38.46
  • "Good luck with the tour, hope to see you down at Sussex sometime!!" - Abi Sakande

  • Apr 29, 2019 - R 1 028.20
  • "Enjot the experience!" - Dave Elliott

  • Apr 28, 2019 - R 1 015.00
  • "What a wonderful gift it will be for these young men. " - Estelle Elliott

  • Apr 27, 2019 - USD $ 258.33
  • "This is an excellent idea, hope you're able to raise enough" - Elizabeth

  • Apr 26, 2019 - R 102.82
  • "Thanks GK, our youth deserves this opportunity." - Edmund Jeneker

  • Apr 25, 2019 - USD $ 69.23
  • "We had a fantastic day with the foundation when our girls visited from the UK in 2017 and this is a superb opportunity . " - Alexia Kilby

  • Apr 24, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "Wonderful initiative. Enjoy!" - Jordan

  • Apr 24, 2019 - USD $ 105.13
  • "Good luck to everybody involved - this is a perfect example of why cricket exists at all. I hope you are all empowered and inspired by virtue of your trip and experience. " - Iain Higgins

  • Apr 24, 2019 - R 500.00
  • "Enjoy the cricket! And may this life changing experience stay with you always. " - Anonymous

  • Apr 24, 2019 - R 154.23
  • "Sport unites people" - Michael

  • Apr 23, 2019 - R 1 000.00
  • "Let’s get these kids to Lords ??????" - Anonymous

  • Apr 19, 2019 - USD $ 39.03
  • "What a really awesome initiative!" - Megan and Darren

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