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Give the Kids a Chance

Give the Kids a Chance

Funds Raised:
R 475
Fundraising Target:
R 70 000

Personal message

Hi, I am Candice and I am hoping to make a difference for my close friend Gill, who is bravely standing up and standing strong for two vulnerable children. A single mom with a grown daughter of 22 she is now fighting to get her nephews age 3 and age 7 out of a difficult situation. Their parents, her brother and his girlfriend are serious Tik addicts. In the interests of the children she cannot let the situation continue as it is. The children not safe, they are often neglected and their path ahead should it not change is bleak. Her only option is to apply to the state to take custody of the kids, so that she can then apply for custody herself. There is a fragile hope that her brother will rehabilitate himself but that’s a long and difficult road ahead. 

Jhb based she has left her home and her business having flown into CT as she must be here for this part of the process. The court has given her care rights to hold on to the children while due process is followed with their parents. 

Financially this is an expensive exercise, even when going through the most cost effective options. This challenge is beyond her budget but she’s doing everything she can to keep things going and keep the children safe. Having drained her finances the legal bills are mounting, as are the bills for legal investigation, the forensic psychologist and her compulsory Cape Town accommodation to keep the children safe here while the court considers a solution. 

I am hoping to raise R70k. This will enable her to complete this legal journey, and we believe that she will be allowed to return home as the legal guardian for both of these children. They can finally have a stable, steady and loving home. They will be able to get to school and have a fair chance of growing up healthy and happy. 

I don't know how my friend has managed this far but I hope that by easing the load financially she will be able to see through this incredible commitment of love that she has shown for these two young boys. 

PS The images of the boys are deliberately not face on as we are trying to shield them as best we can from personal exposure.


  • Oct 11, 2023 - USD $ 26.31
  • "Wishing you everything of the very best." - Debbie Beattie

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Fundraising target

R 70 000.00

Donations to date

R 475.00

Give the Kids a Chance Campaign

Give the Kids a Chance Campaign Logo

I'm Candice, and I'm reaching out to support my friend Gill, who is bravely fighting to protect her nephews from their drug-addicted parents. We're trying to raise R70k to help Gill with the legal and accommodation costs she's incurred during this process. Your support will allow her to provide a stable, loving home for the children, ensuring their safety and happiness. Thank you for helping Gill continue her vital mission.