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Help Mama O see clearly again

Personal message

My name is Beshara Ornellas (45) and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

I am raising funds for my mom (Mama O) who is just the most amazing woman ever. She has devoted her life to helping others. She has always had an open heart and is always giving, helping people and animals. She has had cataracts for a while now and desperately needs them to be removed.

Mama O is in the government health system as she has Crohn's Disease and has had 3 operations at Groote Schuur and is in line to have her cataracts removed but even though they are ready for removal there is a group before her who are blind people which is completely understandable and so she has to wait for up to 3 years to have the operation. We would very much like to help her have it done and the doctor at the hospital told her about an organisation that will do it for less than half the price. Private it is between R20-40k per eye but this organisation called Wembley Eye Clinic does it for between R10-15k for both eyes as a charity for those less fortunate and she is a SASSA pensioner.

My dad was a pastor for many years in Mitchels Plein and mom was a full-time mom and pastor's wife and never planned for retirement. All her kids help as much as possible but we are unable to put the money together for the operation as much as we wish we could.

I am raising money for my mom to have her cataracts removed.

My incredible mother is an inspiration. She has helped so many people. She has not only been a mother to her kids but a 'mother' to so many, inspiring and encouraging them in their lives. To make some extra money she housesits (pet sits) and looks after an old lady who has Alzheimer's disease. She also helps some old ladies to do their shopping so her sight is vital to helping people.

Costing: R10-15 000 for the operation and any extra to help with any loss of income she may incur. 

I would really love to reach our target for mom to have her surgery by the end of the year.

This operation will make a massive difference to her life. She is 67 years old and is really starting to struggle with her sight. If there is any extra money given, I would love for her to have lenses put in but at this stage, even just the removal of cataracts will be incredible and will impact her hugely.

*Funds raised will go directly to the hospital and excess funds will go to the family*


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R 15 000.00

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My name is Beshara Ornellas (45) and I live in Cape Town. I am raising funds for my mom (Mama O) who have her cataracts removed.