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Help Get Abby to the UK

Help Get Abby to the UK

Funds Raised:
R 1 000
Fundraising Target:
R 150 000

Personal message

Hi My name is Guen I am raising funds for my daughter Abby. Abby has achieved an academic award at her high school, a trip to visit the Top Universities in Ireland and England, unfortunately the cost is way out of our league. She has worked so hard to reach this achievement and we are proud of her. My husband is unable to work as he has congestive heart failure with edema and dilated cardio myopathy(enlarged heart). I am currently the only source of income. With a husband and two children to provide for this opportunity of a life time for my daughter is completely out of reach.

The tour fee, Passport, Visa, pocket money so she may buy food as not all meals are included in the tour fee. I will never be able to reach this on my own. 
I would like to reach out and ask if anyone would like to support her on this journey to make her biggest academic dream come true, a once in a lifetime chance of attending lectures at these top universities. A true experience of a lifetime.
Unfortunately, we are running out of time to pay the deposit and secure this amazing opportunity for Abby. Please if anyone can assist we would very much appreciate it. We have been given a bit more time regarding the deposit, till year end. 
We would truly appreciate any donations to help make this dream a reality.
I thank you kindly for your time to read this.
Have a wonderful and blessed day.
Kind regards


  • Nov 06, 2023 - R 1 000.00 Fees covered
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Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 000.00

Get Abby to the UK Campaign