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Adele's Birthday Charity Drive -Vaal Sterilization of animals to reduce numbers.

Adele's Birthday Charity Drive -Vaal Sterilization of animals to reduce numbers.

Personal message

How did it come about?

I watched Cali K9 on Netflix, the series is an inspiration but the last episode had me in tears and opened my eyes to this: Phil 4:6: The struggle is real, Be the change.

A little help goes a long way!!

I absolutely love animals and as an added bonus my birthday is coming up [31st March 2021]

This will give me an opportunity to give rather than to receive. Through your support and generosity - any donations, food, blankets, toys or assistance would be appreciated.

Now you ask why the SPCA?

Sterilization in certain areas is unaffordable and ultimately is the key to control growth in numbers. It is a long-term goal and an expensive one too. 

No external funding from Gov. or Municipalities, the lockdown has been hard on our furry friends and their owners cannot afford to keep them, unsterilized animals produce babies with no way of caring for them, stray/lost animals, reported abuse/neglect/abandonment.

These animals endure trauma, fear anxiety and turn it into aggression, some get depressed and shut down.  Improper training and understanding of a type of domestic animal/s, background, development, their personalities, thought process especially of larger more fearsome breeds e.g.

Pitbulls with high energy levels that if not managed correctly, become uncontrollable untamed animals. Stretching the already overpopulated compound even more.

This leads to euthanization in great numbers and traumatized staff at the SPCA with no way to bring relief to the people and the poor animals who suffer because of human error or incompetence.

Sterilization, compound repairs/maintenance, shelter, Vet costs for sick animals, adoption, medicine, transport, food, blankets, toys, and staff (the list goes on) to clean, give love and care is a costly exercise and a daily struggle.

I pray and trust that the Lord will bless this charity drive and exceed all expectations according to his will.  Inspiring others to do the same and continue this positive cycle of change.

Thank you and be blessed!!

# Visit the NSPCA / Local SPCA websites to see how you can help be the change.
# Adopt a rehabilitated animal who is sterilized, dewormed and whose injections are up to date, chipped, and on a database from the SPCA at a lower cost than any other rather than buying from the pet shop or a breeder.

Do research, know what you want esp. if you have children. Go through the program and become a forever home for a cat or dog.

# Animals are great companions for singles, young and old, also healers for Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, and TBI's,
# Volenteer at a local shelter or SPCA
# Fundraisers
# A little goes a long way!!


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 5 000.00

SPCA Vereeniging & Vanderbijlpark

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Our Mission:

It is exactly as our name indicates. Our mission is the prevention of cruelty to animals, by way of education, law enforcement, and pro-active and reactive activities. This means that we are concerned with the welfare of all animals, from the tiniest mouse right up to the largest elephant.

In other words, we freely stick our noses in where there are domestic animals, farm animals, working animals, traction animals, animals reared for food, wild animals, animals used for entertainment and exhibition, animals used in sport, hunting animals, animals placed in danger, animals used for research and so on.

The SPCA is responsible for supporting the SA Police Service in enforcing legislation including but not limited to the Animal Protection Act and the Performing Animals Protection Act.

We do not get money from the government and rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for donations to confront cruelty, promote the welfare of all animals and make us sustainable.

Whether your contribution pays for a packet of cat food, help build a kennel or fights animal cruelty, you can be sure that it will help restore a rescued animal's trust in humans – so thank you!

All donations to the Vereeniging & Vanderbijlpark SPCA are tax-deductible. If you are a resident in South Africa and would like a tax-deductible receipt issued for your kind donation, please send your request to [email protected] with proof of the donation attached to your e-mail.

Thank you for caring about animals!