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Help Make AJ Mobile

Help Make AJ Mobile

Personal message

AJ was born prematurely on 18 April 2014.   AJ suffers from cerebral palsy, diagnosed as a baby.

He received 12 sessions of physiotherapy during 2016 and made some wonderful progress.  The main aim of therapy was; decreasing of spasticity in reflex inhibiting patterns in all four limbs, facilitation of normal patterns of movement with focus on daily activities eg.  From crawling, to pulling up, to standing against furniture, even cruising sideways against furniture. 

At the moment our main goal is to get AJ walking independently in the safe environment of his home. When he started in 2016, he was just crawling with no pulling up or standing and he was not interested to be in the upright position. With his improved body control in sitting and standing, he wanted to be in the standing position. He did not want to crawl anymore and used a toy plastic bike to get where he wanted to go instead of crawling. Unfortunately he outgrew the bike and is back on his knees again.

AJ is a learner at Paarl School, currently in Pre Gr R, and does not have a mobility device of his own. He is in need of a manual wheelchair to be independent. The chair needs a specialised tension adjustable backrest to support his back, which the medical aid unfortunately does not cover.

It will allow AJ to become independent and move around the home and school without needing assistance from his family or his teachers.  He always tells his mom that one day he will be running around, kicking a soccer ball.  Like most young boys his age, AJ aspires to be a International Soccer Player when he is grown up.


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My name is Liam Scullard, from Cape Town.  I'm doing this for AJ, my colleague's awesome son.  AJ was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby, and needs a manual wheelchair in order for him to become more mobile and independent.