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All Girls Club

All Girls Club

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Fundraising Target:
R 120 000

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We're reaching out to you through this crowdfunding campaign to extend our support to the All Girls Club, a dedicated initiative aimed at empowering and uplifting young girls in our community. Many of our female participants have expressed the need for specialized support that goes beyond what a social worker can provide, particularly in dealing with trauma. With your help, we intend to meet these needs by offering trauma-informed counseling and support services.

Additionally, our goal is to enrich girls' opportunities in sports by establishing all-girl sporting clubs encompassing soccer, cricket, running, cycling, and more. By creating a safe and empowering space for girls to engage in sports, we aim to promote physical health, boost confidence, and nurture teamwork among these young girls.

Another essential aspect of our crowdfunding initiative is to maintain a resources bank stocked with sanitary towels. Many girls in our community struggle to afford or access menstrual hygiene products, which can significantly impact their education and overall well-being. By ensuring that sanitary towels are readily available, we can help girls stay in school and thrive without the burden of menstrual hygiene concerns.

Lastly, we plan to provide academic tutoring in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Geography, Accounting, and Economics. Access to quality education is a critical factor in the future success of these girls. By offering personalized tutoring sessions, we aim to bridge educational gaps, enhance their understanding, and improve their performance in these subjects.

Your support through this crowdfunding campaign will directly impact the lives of young girls, equipping them with the resources, opportunities, and support they need to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Together, we can create a brighter future for these girls and empower them to become confident and successful individuals.

Our campaign holds the potential to make a profound impact on the lives of young girls in our community. Here's how:

  1. Trauma Support and Counseling: By offering trauma-informed counseling and support services, we can help girls heal and develop resilience, significantly improving their mental and emotional well-being.

  2. All-Girl Sporting Clubs: Establishing all-girl sporting clubs will not only promote physical health but also enhance confidence and teamwork, providing girls with a safe and empowering space to participate in sports and fostering personal growth.

  3. Sanitary Towels: Ensuring the availability of sanitary towels will alleviate financial and accessibility challenges that many girls face. This will positively impact their education, attendance, and overall academic performance.

  4. Academic Tutoring: Providing academic tutors in key subjects will bridge educational gaps and empower girls to excel academically, opening doors to future opportunities.

  5. Community Impact: Our campaign will raise awareness about the challenges young girls face and engage the community in supporting their empowerment.

The funds raised through our campaign will be allocated as follows:

  1. Trauma Support and Counseling Services (25%): Hiring trained professionals, establishing counseling centers, and covering therapy session costs.

  2. All-Girl Sporting Clubs (20%): Renting facilities, purchasing sports equipment, and organizing coaching and training sessions.

  3. Resources Bank (15%): Creating and maintaining a resources bank for sanitary towels.

  4. Academic Tutoring (20%): Hiring qualified tutors and organizing personalized tutoring sessions.

  5. Awareness and Outreach (15%): Raising awareness about the challenges faced by young girls and the importance of supporting them through community events, workshops, and campaigns.

  6. Administration and Operational Costs (5%): Covering campaign management, marketing, and logistics expenses.

We are committed to transparency and accountability in fund utilization, and we will provide regular updates on how contributions are making a positive impact on the lives of these young girls. Thank you for joining us in this mission to empower and uplift the future generation of confident and successful individuals. Together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive community.


Fundraising target

R 120 000.00

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Philippi Village

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Experience the transformative power of Philippi Village, a beacon of hope in the midst of a volatile and under-resourced community. Our community-centered space is designed to provide a safe haven for residents, where they can work, play, and grow. With a wide range of facilities, including events and conference areas, a gym, ECD center, clinic, amphitheater, library, and integrated mixed-use spaces, Philippi Village is home to a diverse community of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Our primary focus is on providing collaborative workspaces for small and micro business owners, creating employment opportunities, and upskilling local community members. By supporting us, you are contributing to the vibrant social engagement and economic growth of the community.

To continue our mission and provide essential services, we need your support. Our fundraising efforts are focused on key categories that address the pressing needs of our community:

1. Mothers and Babies: We prioritize supporting mothers through various programs tailored to their needs.

2. Sports & Culture: We offer free community-based sports programs to fulfill the demand for sports facilities and promote a healthy lifestyle.

3. Agriculture: Amaqanda Learning Garden is a remarkable project within Philippi Village, fostering education, sustainability, and community-driven change through agriculture and permaculture.

4. SME Development: We are dedicated to empowering our businesses through initiatives that foster growth and success.

5. The Resource Bank: Our community-driven initiative provides assistance and support during difficult times, specifically tailored to respond to shack fires, ensuring affected individuals regain stability.

6. Education: We believe in the power of education to drive positive change. Through our diverse range of programs, we aim to make a meaningful impact on individuals and communities.

7. Arts & Culture: Philippi Village is a thriving hub that supports and values arts and culture. We offer various initiatives and opportunities to nurture creativity and artistic expression.

By backing our Back a Buddy initiative, you are helping us deliver on our promise to the community and create a better, safer environment for those living in Philippi and its surrounding areas. Together, we can go further and make a lasting impact. Join us on this journey of hope and transformation.