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All Hearts Foundation - Raising Funds to purchase the property they are renting

All Hearts Foundation - Raising Funds to purchase the property they are renting

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All Hearts Foundation a non-profit, also know as AHF are based in Hartbeespoort, North-West, South Africa.

The NPO was registered in order to save a pack of Canadian Timber Wolves from being sold into the canned hunting industry, they also do alot of other amazing rescue work.

They recently took in Shimbungu the disabled dog from Namibia, he was hit by a taxi and his previous owner did not seek medical treatment for him, he is paralysed from his hips down as his back is broken between the L5 and L6 vertebra. Due to this he has no control over his bowls and has to be in nappies. He is now at AHF and is recieving all the medical care that he so desperatley needed.

They currently have 13 dogs, 19 cats, 3 sheep, 1 pig, 1 horse, 16 wolves, 1 wolf-dog hybrid, and a few chickens in their care.

Not to mention they also feed and steralize a feral cat colony in Rivonia, JHB. There have been over 70 cats come and go in the colony.

When they signed the lease agreement on the property that they are renting, they were given first option to buy and were told that they would have two years to purchase the property. They have only been on the property for about 7 months, but now the owner has decided to put the property on the market sooner.

Relocating just isn't an option as this would be very stressful for the animals to settle into yet another enviroment, as well as would be a very expensive task to relocate the wolves. Not to mention to large camps with game fencing were set up for the two seperate wolf packs to the value of R250K.

So moving just isn't an option.

Lets help them to secure the property and keep all the animals safe.

Join the pack, be a voice for the voiceless.



  • Jul 29, 2019 - R 200.00
  • "My valley...Skeerpoort" - Odette Joubert

  • Mar 19, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Hope that every bit helps. Wish I could do more." - Hedda

  • Mar 17, 2019 - R 50.75
  • "Let's all help this incredible. Organisation! " - Anonymous

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R 4 000 000.00

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