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AlphaOmega Consultancy

AlphaOmega Consultancy

Personal message

I could start by painting a bleak picture of our situation today, 24 Nov 2018. That we are 2 months in arrears with our rent and our electrisity have been cut. That our toiletries and food supply are looking almost as bad as the widow who fed Elijah. I could spend the next 10 minutes hammering on about our dire circumstances. But honestly I dont want to. Because I have hope! 

For the 1st time in many years I see the future and hope that God has promised me! Through a couple of strange twists and turns we have been presented the opportunity to help some very worthy causes out there. We are currently working with 3 NGO's to help them with awarerness campaigns, increasing donor database, self-sustainablity programmes and ultimatly raising the funds they need. In these dark times we find ourselves in , NGO's suffer greatly but still go and raise the orphans, look after the sick. the old,and the vulnerable. As with other state organs the Social Services Department are failing these organisations and they have to raise the funds elsewhere. 

Therefore it is very exciting to be part of the solution by helping NGO's through creative and innovate campaigns and obviously receiving the rewards of a job well done. 

So in a nutshell, we appeal for help to survive the next 3 months till the hard work, innovation and creativity we have invested in these NGO's yeild the rewards we have worked for and we are then able to take care of ourselves!


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Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

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My dream is to assist NGO's with fundraising, awareness campaigns and income generating projects. With 8 years experience with Individual Donors and megabits full of creativity I know I can make a difference.