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Get Andre Home

Get Andre Home

Funds Raised:
R 1 600
Fundraising Target:
R 4 000

Personal message

Help André Reunite with His Family in Mozambique!
Hello, everyone!
We're reaching out to you with a heartfelt request to support our dear friend and dedicated housekeeper, André, in reuniting with his beloved family in Mozambique. André has been an integral part of our lives for the past 9 years, and now, it's our turn to show him the same kindness and generosity that he's always extended to us and to those close to us.
André is more than just a domestic worker; he is a wholesome, kind-hearted man who has consistently sent a significant portion of his salary (an incredible 80%) back to his family in Mozambique. His selfless dedication has meant that he has not been able to afford a trip home to see his family for three long years.
Andre's family, including his wife and two young boys, eagerly await his return. Incredibly, André has not yet had the chance to meet one of his sons due to his wife having to move back to mozambique before his birth and because of the financial constraints he faces.
To make this reunion possible, André needs R4000 to cover the travel expenses to and from Mozambique. It's a modest amount that will go a long way in bringing joy and happiness to André and his family.
Your generous contributions, no matter the denomination, will make a significant impact on André's life. Let's come together as a community to give André the gift of being reunited with his family, a priceless moment he has longed for.
Every donation, no matter how small, brings André one step closer to his family and creates a ripple of kindness that will touch the hearts of all involved. Join us in making André's dream come true and showing him that his hard work and dedication are appreciated beyond measure.
Thank you for your support and for helping André experience the joy of being with his loved ones again. Together, we can make this happen!
Disclaimer: [all donations and proceeds to go to André]


  • Oct 26, 2023 - R 500.00 Fees covered
  • "Bom Dia! Good luck Andre. See you over the wall." - Anonymous

  • Oct 12, 2023 - R 400.00 Fees covered
  • "Enjoy the time with your family ❤️ Love Chlo & Carlos" - Chloë

  • Oct 11, 2023 - R 400.00 Fees covered
  • "Sending you love and blessings All our love, Nicole, Sean & kids" - Nicole

  • Oct 11, 2023 - R 300.00 Fees covered
  • "Thanks for all you do André. Know how much this means to you 🫶🏼" - Sasha

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Fundraising target

R 4 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 600.00

Get Andre Home Campaign