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Anele Magxaka - Cycling for Change 2019

Anele Magxaka - Cycling for Change 2019

Personal message

I am Anele Magxaka, currently studying at TSiBA Education.

One of my favourite hobbies is cycling, it changed a lot of things for me and made me realise that the world full of opportunities. There are many who have also enjoyed cycling as it does not just involve travelling from one place to the other. Cycling like any sport involves meeting new people, maintaining one’s health and being a part of a movement. Cycling to me means proving to myself that I am able to do what I did not think I could.

As a man amongst men, I aim to create harmony in my community through teaching, giving and showing others the value they are not able to see within themselves. This is my personal mission statement and this guides my actions throughout my daily life. I will continue to follow my moral compass and encourage others to follow theirs.

Please help me to fulfill my goals.    


  • Mar 09, 2019 - R 102.82
  • "I will be cheering for you along the way!" - Leigh Meinert

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Donations to date

R 102.82

Fundraising target

R 2 000.00

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