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Anele to African Youth Leadership Summit 2017

Anele to African Youth Leadership Summit 2017

Personal message

My name is Anele Msomi, and I am a final year student at the University of Cape Town. I am roughly 4 months away from completing my undergraduate degree in Political Science and Engish Literature. I was born and raised in Durban, KZN, and moved to Cape Town when the opportunity to attend UCT presented itself. Coming to UCT opened many avenues for me, and I began engaging in acts of diplomacy. In 2015, I participated in the Model African Union Conference that was hosted at UCT as a delegate of Zimbabwe, to discuss with other delegates that represented other African countries a way in which the media policies can be ammended in order for the news reported to be impartial and non-biased. After having participated in that conference, I decided to join societies that deal with helping people learn and understand their human rights, and also engage in general charity work. I am currently on the Public Relation Sub-Committee for Amnesty International UCT, and my main responsibility there is ensuring that the Facebook page is active and up to date. I am also a general committe memeber at UCT Remember and Give (UCT RAG) which is an organisation that raises funds through various ways for a charity organisation named SHAWCO. I also sit on the Residence Mangament Team at Graca Machel Hall, as the Dining Hall Coordinator. All these various activities that I have engaged in thus far have revealed to me the potential that I withhold as an individual that has the capacity to positively influence others, hence my application for the African Youth Leadership Summit. This summit will be hosted in Morocco from the 21st - 25th of September, the theme being "SUSTAINABLE DEVLOPMENT GOALS WILL ONLY SUCCEED, IF THEY CAN SUCCEED IN AFRICA".

I am hoping to raise funds to pay for my trip to Morocco to attend this summit, as I was recently informed that my application was successful.

Attending this summit will not only enable me to engage in discussion about ways in which we can brighten the future of the continent of Africa, but it will also assist my individual growth as a potential leader.

This growth will definitely not be misused, as I will then have the capacity to come back home and share what I have learnt and gained, and proceed with the project of ensuring that the youth of South Africa has a somewhat better future to look forward to. 

I therefore ask for your assistance in getting me to Morocco, no matter how little it may be. In the end, a little will definitely go a long way - Morocco to be precise!


  • Aug 25, 2017 - R 600.00
  • "Go dominate. " - Anonymous

  • Aug 21, 2017 - R 1 000.00
  • "Go make us proud, nerd! Lol" - Barbie

  • Aug 21, 2017 - R 1 000.00
  • "Hope you get to Morroco..All the best." - Ntuz

  • Aug 20, 2017 - USD $ 4.00
  • "I really hope you can make it to the summit. :)" - Anonymous

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African Youth Leadership Summit 2017

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I am hoping to raise funds to pay for my trip to Morocco to attend the 2017 African Youth Leadership Summit as a delegate.