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Rallying for Calvin's mom

Rallying for Calvin's mom

Personal message

Calvin lives with his mother and two sisters and has not had an easy 2019. He was the victim of a hit and run, landing in hospital for over a week recovering from facial, physical and emotional scars. Through it all, stood Calvin’s mother, Angelinah Chou. 

In the middle of 2019, the family received news that their mother was sick. Calvin went from being the sibling to being the parent. This meant not only the requirement to take care of his sisters but to also provide support financially. He entered a competition online, and was offered a one-year contract as a front-end developer in the Netherlands.

Tests after tests were run on Angelinah, all the while medical debt was racking up. Calvin was eventually notified that his mother was in kidney failure and needed surgery due to her kidneys poisoning her. But they would not do the surgery without funds which Calvin didn’t have access to.

Calvin has been advised that the surgery will cost an estimate of R24 000. He is so close to a future he has fought for in order to send monies home to help with his mother’s recovery and the support of his sisters, only to learn that time is not on her side.

We are asking for any support for Calvin and Angelinah in paying for a surgery and treatment that can allow her to remain with her family for longer. We need to get Angelinah into surgery before irreversible damage is done.

We understand that not everyone can financially assist. We ask that you please share the link so that we can spread the word and rally behind Calvin and his mother, Angelinah. 


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 24 000.00

Angelinah Chou Medical Cause

Angelinah Chou Medical Cause Logo

Shirley Bailey is raising funds to support Angelinah Chou and her family. Angelinah is in kidney failure and is in desperate need of surgery. Her son, Calvin, has been offered a job in the Netherlands, but will only be able to send money home after a month of working there.