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Angels for Urav

Angels for Urav

Personal message

Urav is a loving and caring 3½ year old boy who was born with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic and incurable condition which results in extra copy of chromosome 21.  This extra chromosome causes developmental, cognitive and intellectual delays. Medical issues experienced are heart disease, gastrointestinal defects, thyroid problems, hearing loss, vision, sensory issues, hypertonia, immune disorder, autism, ADHD, leukaemia, etc.

Each child with Down syndrome is unique and different.

Early interventions like therapists, special educators, advances in medical technology and clinical treatment, and now more particularly Stem Cells Treatment, greatly increases their quality of life and help them live fulfilling lives.

Hence our plea for your help now in raising funds to send Urav for Stem Cells Treatment.  

The younger we do this for him, the more effective and faster the results are.  This, for us personally, is a ray of hope and a light at the end of the tunnel for Urav.

The stem cells treatment will be done by Dr Alok Sharma and Dr Nandini Gokulchandran at the Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute in India. This is a 3 step process which involves bone marrow aspiration from Urav’s hip bone, which is then separated and purified using a process called density gradient centrifugation, and lastly the stem cells are then re-injected into his fluid around his brain and spine.

He will require a minimum of two procedures.

His first procedure will take place from the 10th-16th March 2019, this does not include flights or extra costs after the treatment in hospital. He will also require further therapies when we return to South Africa. 

We humbly appeal to you, to contribute to Urav’s Stem Cell Treatment which will improve his ability to live an independent functional life.  This is every parents dream for their child.

You may donate directly to Backabuddy by clicking on DONATE

For enquiries or further information you may contact:

Usha Ramdhin 081 740 9949  OR    Pranil Ramdhin: 073 101 6777 

We thank you for your kind donation and may God bless you richly.



  • Feb 22, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Good luck. " - Lee Ernstzen - Liberty

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  • "For you my Angel. My ultimate blessing." - Usha Ramdhin

  • Dec 07, 2018 - R 507.50
  • "May Gurudev bless and guide you always." - Ellie Naidoo

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Urav Ramdhin Medical Cause

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Urav is 3½ years old and was born with Down syndrome. Each child with Down syndrome is unique and different. Early interventions like Stem Cells Treatment will improve Urav's ability to live an independent functional life. 

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