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Anneke Rossouw Cancer Trustfund

Anneke Rossouw Cancer Trustfund

Personal message

My name is Rupert Rossouw. My wife, Anneke Rossouw, has been diagnosed with Melanoma Malignant Metastatic Stage 4 Cancer. I am raising funds to cover the cost of her treatment.

After operation that went wrong, we found out that Anneke’s cancer was terminal. Our only hope was Keytruda. We raised over R1 400 000 towards her first year of treatment, and need to go for another year.

My medical aid doesn’t cover this specific treatment. We have two lovely kids who need their mother. There is no other treatment available for her at the moment. She was sent home with no hope, but a year later and she is still as strong as you and I.

We have a trust fund in her name with a bookkeeper in charge. You can visit our Facebook page using the link below to see the latest newsfeeds and progress. We have no support from any large companies. All our funds are from ordinary people that feel our pain and financial burdens.

She needs the treatment every 4 weeks until November 2020. Each session costs R96 000.

I will do anything to save my wife's life - even beg for funds. Please support me in fundraising. If she survives this cancer there is hope for so many who also suffers from cancer.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 13 000 000.00

Anneke Rossouw Cancer Cause

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Rupert Rossouw is raising funds to cover the costs of his wife’s cancer treatment. Anneke Rossouw was diagnosed with Melanoma Malignant Metastatic Stage 4 Cancer. Their medical aid doesn’t cover the treatment she needs, and it costs R96000 per month.