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Anthony the Abbott Project

Anthony the Abbott Project

Personal message

My name is Anthony Wayne Heaney and I am from Eloff outside Delmas, Mpumalanga. 

I have been working as a volunteer for the past 5 yrs in anti-poaching, Search & Rescue, tracking, etc.

I have been doing volunteer work with my dogs actively in conservation for the past 5 years working anti-pouching, tracking, trailing, search and rescue. I am proficient in Urban and Rural Warfare, 4x4 Driving, Specialized Police Weapons, Evidence Gathering, Crime Scene Management, and K9 Handler.

I volunteer at various Private Game Reserves to assist owners in safeguarding the wildlife from pouching. I try and cover all pouching but the main goal is Ivory and Rhino horn. I am totally self-sufficient in the bush. I give multiple lectures about how dogs are used and related subjects. Guests join the actual night/day patrolling. I acquired all the equipment I needed out of my own pocket.

I am raising funds to acquire broken/stolen equipment that is vital to properly operate in the fight against poaching.

I am also in the process of rebuilding a 2x4 vehicle that will help greatly in the day to day operations. Up to now, I have used my private bakkie - Ford Bantam. However, due to the terrain and conditions, I can not afford to use my private vehicle anymore. It has cost me dearly to repair the vehicle. This is an on-going campaign where funds are needed for continuous operations.

The immediate costs
- repair the 2x4 vehicle
- acquire outstanding equipment needed immediately as K9 Handler and for the K9
- traveling costs (fuel/tollgates)

I volunteer on a monthly basis for between 3-10 days depending on the threat.

A typical 4-day Ops will cost:
Total R 3500-00

Equipment needed:

K-way type 35lt Hiking Bag / Full body Harness and helmet / Compass / Tactical binoculars / Full outdoor utensils for survival / Water bottles / K9 hoisting harness - chopper/mountain work / Working boots – for rocky areas / Working harnesses with leashes / Puppy lines for working trails/tracks / Travel bowls for food / water 

With this funding, it will be possible to continue the fight against poaching and protect our wildlife for the generations to come. I will also be able to train the various new volunteers that are eager to join even thou they face the very same obstacles as I do.

I in return can give back to the community by means of field reports, photo shoots, lectures, K9 demonstrations, name brading adverts or projects involving contributors. 

In the Reserves where I volunteer the poaching rate has dropped to such a level that no pouching has taken place in the past 4 years. HOWEVER, the fight needs to be more vigilant as poaching has become more agresive and more dangerous.

The funds will be administrated by Rhino Connect this means any funds raised will be administered by Rhino Connect and paid directly to the relevant service provider or other relevant institution.
Why Rhino Connect? The reason they are an NPO/NGO and the admin costs to handle the funds are sow low leaving more funds for the cause. Rhino Connect is the expert NPO/NGO that helps the private Rhino owners to protect their Rhino and help preserve the population for the future.
I have dealt with Rhino Connect for the past 5 years and established a very good transparent working relationship with them.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Anthony Heaney Anti-Poaching Cause

Anthony Heaney Anti-Poaching Cause Logo

Anthony Wayne Heaney 52 yrs Living on a plot in Eloff outside Delmas, Mpumalanga. I am full time employed in the Law Enforcement Sector. I have been working as a volunteer for the past 5 yrs in anti-poaching, Search & Rescue, tracking, etc. and I am raising funds to purchase equipment.