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Personal message

Hi my name is aphiwe Nonjiwu I am 17 years old I live in South Africa and I'm doing modeling. Modeling has been a dream of mine I've always wanted to do modeling since I was a little kid.

There is a competition that I want to enter but I have no one to sponsor me with things such as a dress, heels and makeup for me to enter this competition that could potentially lead me to America which going to America is my biggest dream , can anyone please sponsor me so I could enter this competition that is on 20th of November this year. 
Anything could help me at this point because i don't have anything to start with to enter. 
This is my first time doing modeling I've never been in a modeling competition before and this could help me grow into a big modeling influencer and in the future I want to also sponsor school kids with things that they don't have like stationary, school clothes and shoes and this competition could help me grow and help others. 
Now I'm trying to fund raise for the competitions that could help me grow and become something in life and fulfill my dreams I leave with people who are also trying to find a living so I don't want modeling to become a financial problem in my family's life so if anyone could help me fulfill my dream that could mean a lot to me. Thank you. 


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