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Asemahle Mgayi (GAUTENG) - UWC Mahindra)

Asemahle Mgayi (GAUTENG) - UWC Mahindra)

Personal message

My name is Asemahle Mgayi. I’m a 17 year old from the East London, Eastern Cape. Last year, my academic track record and commitment to social work secured me a place at the UWC Mahindra College in India as a representative of South Africa.

I have just successfully completed my first year at UWC Mahindra. My experience at Mahindra has been intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding.

Academically, I am pursing the following 6 subjects: English Literature, Spanish, Global Politics, Biology, Mathematical Studies and Theatre.

In the extracurricular and cultural sphere, I have been a part of:

  • Blooming Buds- a community service project that provides weekly English lessons to students in grades 1-4.
  • Global Affairs- a program that conducts presentations and discussions about handpicked international issues that affect us directly and indirectly.
  • College Meeting Facilitation- A twice monthly meeting of faculty and students that is facilitated by students.
  • Campus Ambassadors- As an ambassador I’m responsible for giving campus tours, assisting with national selections, attending fundraisers and board meetings. Being a campus ambassador has taught me effective communication skills and honed by ability to make interviewing students feel more comfortable.  
  • The Disciplinary Committee- The committee is responsible for investigating and sanctioning students in infringement of college rules. Sitting on the committee has been a rewarding experience. It has taught me the power of perspective taking and the importance of being fair and unbiased when making judgements.
  • In the sports and wellness sphere I have begun to take yoga classes and plan to join tennis when I return to Mahindra next academic year.

Having been blessed with one phenomenal year at Mahindra, I am now seeking funding to cover by travel and living expenses for the second year. My estimated travel and living costs are approximately R35,000.

I welcome any assistance in the pursuit of my second year.


  • Sep 11, 2017 - R 1 292.66
  • "Henry and Rai Gift" - Ariel Werner and Ari Savitzky

  • Jun 20, 2017 - USD $ 52.68
  • "Henry and Rai Gift" - David and Ari

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