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EMPOWERING MR T - to start a small sewing business ($1000 needed)

EMPOWERING MR T - to start a small sewing business ($1000 needed)

Personal message

Mr T is a refugee from Burundi, living in South Africa. His leg was hacked off at the hip when he was just 9 years old in an attack on his village. His parents were killed in this attack and he does not know if his sister survived or not. He never saw her again. He is the most wonderful man. However life as a refugee in South Africa is very difficult and his disability makes it even harder.

Despite trying for years to find employment he has never been given a chance. An organization affiliated with the UNHCR used to give him a small contribution each month for him to pay rent as well as a food voucher. Unfortunately due to a cut in budget they ceased paying his rent and continued only with food parcels. Mr T found himself on the streets and was robbed of all his clothes on the very first night. I was able to get him a place at a wonderful shelter Redeeming Hope for the Disabled started by a Congolese Refugee who himself is also disabled. However they are not funded and I am battling to come up with the monthly fee to pay for his stay. Through my small NPO I have launched a great sewing project at the shelter and Mr T has picked up this skill and done very well to learn how to sew.

I am desperate to raise up enough money to keep him off the street and give him what he needs in order to be able to support himself going forward. He is extremely intelligent, highly motivated and incredibly grateful and humble. This man has the most traumatic past imaginable. I want to ensure he is empowered to live a meaningful life in good health. I did send him to a specialist to see about a prosthetic leg but sadly his stump is too short to support one so he will remain on crutches. He has no self pity and is very fast moving around on his one leg and crutches. Our dream is for him to be self sufficient through creating a small sewing business and to be able to move into his own space. Please consider helping this very deserving individual. 

Below is a breakdown of the funding needed: 

-R5000 will cover home rental and food for 2 months

-R3500 for good quality 2nd hand overlocker machine

- R2000 for start-up materials

- R2000 to cover 2 months shop rental


  • Oct 11, 2018 - USD $ 40.00
  • "Good luck Mr T! May all your wishes come true! " - Stace

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