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A Friend In Need

A Friend In Need

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I am fundraising to help Avi, who has found himself in a nightmare position which can only be solved by community involvement. He returned to Israel at Passover to get his paperwork in order and was informed by the government department, Bituh Leumi, that he will not be permitted to register to work until he has paid for  social services for the years he was out of the country. They calculated this amount to be 25800 shekels. We have already raised 15000 shekels but have 11000 shekels outstanding.

The court ruled on the 22 August that he must pay outstanding 16000 shekels within 2 weeks or face punitive measures, a ban from leaving Israel and fines. We were unfortunately, unable to pay the full amount and the matter was moved from the local Bituh Leumi branch to headquarters in Jerusalem. We are waiting to hear what their decision is because the local branch was not happy with that short payment.

The payment of the 11000 shekels will mean that Avi is able to register to work in Israel, and have access to medical and dental facilities.  He will also be free from the threat of a ban without the right to work. This s not the case of negligence or lack of commitment to his responsibilities. Avi was not aware that he would not be allowed to work or that he would be prevented from working until the outstanding social service payments were made. While out of Israel, he was not in position to make these payments.

Your assistance is vital and necessary for him to not only get his rights back but also for him to be able to feed himself and be restored his human dignity. Thank you.


  • Sep 23, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "To a friend in need" - Leticia Grimett

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I am Leticai Grimett, from Durban. I am an Attorney by profession. My passion is developmental economics and law. This fundraiser is for my friend Avi Rezvani, whom I have known for more than 5 years, first as a business acquaintance and later as a friend. Avi has recently returned to Israel but he will not be permitted to register to work until he has paid outstanding social services contributions.