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Help an aspiring African Theologian

Help an aspiring African Theologian

Personal message

Hey everyone, my name is Ayanda Mdokwana. I am madly in love with theology especially African Theology. I recently graduated  with a B.A Theology (Cum Laude) but did not recieve my certificate and cannot register for an Honours Degree because of an outstanding debt.

I am madly in love with theology more especially African Theology. My dream is to do research on how Africans relate to God and the bible and what the bible means for them. Religion is major component in most people's lives. Its interpretation plays out even in the work place and in various relationships we have with one another. Thorough contexual research in this field is necessary and my greatest desire.

Please help me fulfill this goal of becoming an African Theologian.

*Funds raised will be transferred directly to Helderberg College*


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 26 846.00

Ayanda Mdokwana Study Cause

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Help an aspiring African Theologian Ayanda get a step closer to his dream by helping him pay of his historic debt.