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Back Lucky for Internship

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Personal message

Meet Lucky Jadula, one of our devoted candidates.

With his interest in Science and dream to become a surgeon one day, he has joined the Gryphon “Grassroots” Internship programme.  In the meantime, he is making it his mission to persevere even against all odds while giving praise to His God.

Lucky completed his rehearsal interview In October 2022.  Firstly, we are grateful to the company for donating their time to conduct interviews with our candidates.  Secondly, their feedback was as follows:

“If we were hiring, we would look for someone just like the young man;  we would definitely hire him!

Along with his desire to venture into medicine, his main objective is to be able to take care of his family and bring about financial stability at home.

While that is Lucky’s objective, our vision as The Gryphon Foundation is to see the average household earning an aggregate income that obliterates poverty thresholds in our target communities.

This is possible through our "Grassroots Internship Programme" which enables us to assist our candidates to gain valuable work experience while providing showcasing their character and God-given talents for permanent employment.

Your donation towards Lucky’s internship will help him take a big positive step toward living his dream and taking care of his family.


Fundraising target

R 32 000.00

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The Gryphon Foundation NPC

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The Gryphon Foundation is a Non-Profit Company founded in 2014. It works between active donors and target beneficiaries to ensure that local economies are positively impacted through business start-up, growth and sustainability and contribute to national job creation goals through effective youth employment initiatives. 

The Gryphon Foundation NPC supports initiatives for unemployed youth that lack the necessary qualifications and experience for gainful employment and for SMEs’ that require critical strategic business thinking skills.  

As one of its strategic partners, Gryphon Enterprise Development (Pty) Ltd supports the Foundation to identify, assist and develop budding entrepreneurs into self-sustainable entities to emphasise uplifting, empowering and eradicating poverty in low-income communities.