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Barry du Plessis

Barry du Plessis

Personal message

My name is Barry du Plessis. I am fundraising for my son, Barry (named after me). He is a 2-year-old boy with Dravet Syndrome. A very rare epilepsy that causes the brain to (worst-case scenario) not reboot again after an epileptic fit. 

All of the medical bills we have to cover due to this unforeseen circumstance since January 2019 is causing stress, whereby we need some financial assistance.

As a family of 6, we always strive to do our best for our kids and this syndrome has left us speechless. Barry, AKA Boesman, has a younger sister who we need to test as well, as this is genetic. The blood test must be sent to America for confirmation. Our path ahead "Protected by God" and having faith will be the mark which we choose to share with the world, should it be that whatever results they obtain from Boesman, will be able to assist another family in the future. 

We have heeped up bills that our Medical Aid (Discovery) is not willing to cover. We are looking for financial assistance to ensure that he receives the best care possible at present. All of the medical bills thus far we have paid out of our pockets but please bear in mind, we have 3 other children to look after as well. 

If we can just get control over the current bills that have piled up, I believe we will be able to have less stress. Our little boy is our pride and joy, most beautiful personality, on a good day all we get is hugs and kisses and may God bless his soul for each day we have with him. 

As a parent, my biggest fear is the day that I wake up, and his brain has decided that due to the amount of stress the epileptic fits causes, it does not reboot. I have no words to describe how terrifying it is to feel this way! But one thing is for certain, our faith is being tested and the moment to remain strong is now - in the present. 

We have daily medical bills that we can not pay and are trying our best to make plans as far as possible. Each day is a new challenge, whether it's 12 at night rushing to the hospital or seeing a specialist to guide us and explain what is happening to our precious one, it feels like everything comes at a price.

I tried and pleaded and spoken to so many different individuals from Discovery to assist us with the medical bills, and asked all subcontracting parties to please give me until the 15th October 2019. ALL for medical purposes:

  • Blood test + courier fees 
  • MRI Scans + CT Scan + Chest Xrays + Sinus Xrays
  • Specialist Appointments (Paediatric Neurologist + Genetic Specialist)
  • GP Appointments and follow-ups 
  • Outstanding bills from In house hospitalisation
  • Ambulance fee's x 2 trips

We just want to get back on track with all the outstanding fees and NOT be handed over and have bad credit. Any form of funding received would allow us to get back on track after medical bills have been paid and allowing us to just have a little breathing space to determine the road ahead.


*Funds raised will be paid directly to the relevant medical centres/doctors*


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 75 000.00

Barry du Plessis Medical Cause

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Barry du Plessis is 2 years old and suffers from Dravet Syndrome - a rare type of epilepsy. This type of epilepsy is genetic, and may affect his mobility in the future. Barry is one of 4 children. His parents are in need of funds to cover his medical expenses