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A child in Sport is a Child out of court

A child in Sport is a Child out of court

Personal message

There is a saying that goes: ‘A child in Sport, is a child out of Court’.

 Believe Sport Ministry was established in 2009, and we started off with only one athlete.  Today we have more than 40 kids from all walks of life taking part in our program. 

Our head coach Jacques Bothma had a vision, and being a protégé of former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers, Jacques found it in his heart to give back to the kids in our community what was imparted in him by coach Peter.

We decided to start a fundraising initiative which will enable us to cater for the needs of these children.  It is always difficult to relate to a situation if you haven’t been in that person’s shoes.  According to our needs analysis the children right under our noses goes through daily trauma of having to survive in their immediate surroundings each and every day, infested by poverty, gangsterism, drug abuse and physical abuse.

That’s why we decided to take these kids away from these surroundings every week to teach and instill in them that they can make a difference in our community, and that they can beat any challenge that comes their way.

We provide them with the best state of the art athletics and rugby training programs. Our track record shows that there is a huge change in these children’s way of thinking, and we achieve numerous successes and success stories year in and year out.

With this fundraising initiative, we want to give these kids the best, so they can also feel part of society and look forward to the future.

In order for us to keep getting the outstanding results and achieve even more, we are in need of some equipment and would appreciate it if you can make a contribution towards any of the below:

  • Starting blocks (sprints)
  • Agility hurdles
  • Training cones
  • Medicine balls
  • Elastic training bands
  • Rugby balls
  • Training bibs
  • Rugby contact shields

*Funds raised will be transferred directly to the Believe Sport Ministry account from where it will be managed*


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Believe Sport Ministry Cause

Believe Sport Ministry Cause Logo

My name is Timothy Milton I am the sports coordinator for Believe Sport Ministry in Paarl, Western Cape.  We work with kids in our community from all walks of life. We started a training and life skills program to keep our kids of the streets and to date we have produced Provincial and National athletes. The main purpose of this program is to keep our kids away from drugs and violence in our community.