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Bentley's Stretch for Learning in Reach

Bentley's Stretch for Learning in Reach

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8 out of 10 South African children in Grade 4 are not able to read for meaning. Our true matric pass rate is 39% of children entering the education system.

Financing of early learning programs has lagged well behind that of primary and secondary education. But investments in primary and secondary education will not see the intended returns if we do not ensure that young children enter school with the foundational skills needed to learn.

So I'm doing my tiny part to help strengthen these foundational skills by supporting Learning in Reach - a registered NPC (2016/190316/08), NPO (178-856) and PBO (930054765) which is building an ECD centre of excellence in Lavender Hill to educate over 100 children.

They also run outreach teacher training and mentorship programs with 30 neighbouring ECDs and are assisting these centres to meet minimum health and safety standards required for an ECD centre.

Drop R67 in my hat (or more!), sign up as a champion for Learning in Reach on and invite 10 of your friends to do the same!


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Learning In Reach

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Learning in Reach has created a blueprint for a holistic early learning and pre-primary education that fosters community enterprise and parental engagement. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and we cannot disrupt the Early Childhood Development (ECD) process without addressing all the supporting structures, the main one being the child’s parents and teachers, as role models and leaders of these young children.