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Life saving surgery

Life saving surgery

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Fundraising Target:
R 130 000

Personal message

Hi everyone, I have never done this before but after having exhausted all other avenues such as good morning angels I am here and I am asking on behalf of a very dedicated person
My neighbor is the matron of a local old age home.
She recently turned 70 and her contract has been extended to age 75
Shortly before her birthday this year she was diagnosed with kidney cancer during an operation to address what was thought to be kidney stones.
She does have a type of a hospital plan but it does not cover dreaded disease.
She now requires an operation to have the left kidney removed that will stop the spread of the cancer.
The first operation left a balance of R19 500.00 left in her medical aid resulting in a shortfall of approximately R 130 000.00
The shorfall is made up as follows
Specialist surgeon, aneatheologist and theatre costs is estimated at R 60 000.00. The hospital costs for an estimated 7 to 9 days @ 9814.00 per day is R 88 326 totalling R 148 326.00 less R 19 000.00 available from her medical aid thus leaves a shortfall of R 128 826.00
The kidney removal will not only save her life but will alleviate the pain caused by the cancer and improve her overall quality of life resulting in her being able to carry on caring for the residents of the old age home where she is very much loved and respected
The funds will be used to pay for the hospital, operation, specialists and recovery costs


Fundraising target

R 130 000.00

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