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Empower The African Child with Critical T

Empower The African Child with Critical T

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R 500 000

Personal message

Hey there!

My name is Bernard Garaba, the founder of The Poster Warehouse (Pty) Limited.

We are educational posters specialists who design, publish and supply tailor made educational posters to both rural and urban primary and secondary schools in disadvantaged communities in Africa.

Our posters are colourful, bold, simple, well-designed, well-organised, legible, attractive, and effective teaching and learning tools.

Our posters are printed on strong and durable PVC (banner) material that can be used indoors or outdoors as material can withstand rough and extreme conditions. PVC posters ideal for less privileged schools.

Posters promote the practical application of learning concepts in a natural and lively way. Information seen often through exposure to talking walls is stored in the heart.

Posters present concepts succinctly, grabbing and retaining students’ attention and interest and promote:

· Passive learning and inspire students to learn,

· stimulation of interest in the topic,

· effective illustration of a concept or skill,

· teacher guidance on how to effectively use the poster,

· memory improvement in learners and reinforce concept

· effective hands-on approach to learning,

· the enhancement of learning on the go as one moves around the school environment with talking walls.


We seek to raise R500,000 in donations to enable us to design and print  posters that meet the specific needs of each subject and help learners with a practical and lasting impression of learning concepts.

The educational posters are an essential tool for primary and secondary schools in disadvantaged communities in Africa.

Posters are an effective way of communicating information to students in a visually appealing manner.

Posters are summarised in a way that puts information across quickly to the learner and brings broader concepts of learning area to memory and light.

Our posters are used to teach various subjects such as mathematics, science, dramatic arts, creative arts, technology, life skills and languages.

Posters also used to promote good behaviour and hygiene practices among students.

In rural areas where access to quality education is limited, educational posters will come in hand to supplement the limited resources available.

Posters help students understand complex concepts that would otherwise be difficult to grasp.

In urban areas, where there are more resources available, educational posters create talking walls to enhance the learning experience of students.

Your donation will go a long way in helping us achieve our goal of providing quality education to disadvantaged students and teachers in Africa.

Thank you much for your support.


Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

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Empower The African Child with Critical T Campaign