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Bible Stories in South African Languages

Bible Stories in South African Languages

Funds Raised:
R 500
Fundraising Target:
R 93 000

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need to raise R93,000 to translate primary school Bible Stories into African languages!

In South Africa, very few books are developed for children in their mother-tongue language, and even fewer books are guided by Biblical principles of truth, justice, and forgiveness. Bible stories written for South African children will improve literacy and will assist with the discipleship of children. 

Each book also contains a practical story rooted in the local South African context, which is directly related to the principles taught in the selected Bible story.

We have already raised R612,000 to develop a series of 20 stories in Sepedi and English. We seek further funding to translate these books into other South African languages (including Afrikaans!) 

If 930 of our followers donate R100 each, we can translate these books into isiXhosa, isiZulu, Venda or any of the other SA languages. Please help  our children learn how to read, and to learn about how to live wholesome lives! 


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Fundraising target

R 93 000.00

Donations to date

R 500.00

One Heart

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We help develop and distribute nationally approved curricula and other storybooks for under-resourced primary schools, high schools, and children in rural communities in South Africa. 

We also provide counseling for at-risk children in rural communities. 

We have reached 20,217 children with nationally approved curricula and therapy in South Africa.