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Help us Pay our Veterinary Bills

Help us Pay our Veterinary Bills

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The Blue Donkey Sanctuary is a Small Sanctuary in the Limpopo Province of South Africa for Donkeys, Horses, Dogs, Cattle, Pigs, Chickens and other Domestic Animals in need. We currently (January 2022) have about 30 Donkeys, 2 Horses, 23 Dogs, 5 Cats, 3 Parrots, 2 Pigs, 8 Cattle and 5 Chickens
that we Care for.

We Don’t have any Corporate Funding or Sponsorship and we do this on our own salary’s. We Rescue and take in Animals that have no other options left and give them a forever home with us. We are in desperate Need of Help to Pay our Veterinary Costs. With R40 000.00 we can Pay our Outstanding Bill at our VET.

We can have some of our Male Donkeys Castrated- In order for us to keep helping other donkeys in need, we need to make sure that our donkeys on the farm do not breed. It costs about R5000 per Donkey to be Castrated- We currently have 5 Males that need castration.

We can afford to Sterilise our 2 New Rescue Dogs- Lappies and Kimchi (They were rescued from a Pile of Dead discarded Puppies we Found about 6 Months ago) They need to be Neutered now.

We can also afford to send our Dog named Worsie for a Much-Needed operation. He came to the sanctuary about 6 years ago, he has a Large Cancerous growth on his side and needs to Surgically

With this money, we can also afford Chronic Pain Medication for our Rescue Horse Shiloh. He had a very bad fall and has permanent damage to his back leg and lower back. He is a beautiful Horse and does not deserve to be sent to The Lion Farm. We manage his Pain and with your help, we can
continue keeping Shiloh Happy and Pain-free.

We live and Work in Rural Limpopo Province in the Ofcolaco Area. We work hard to make a difference in the lives of the animals in our Area. We Educate and treat wounds where we can to improve the health and well-being of Donkeys and Dogs in our Local Villages and with your help, we can keep making a difference.

Instead of a once-off contribution, please consider making a small monthly contribution to our organisation. 

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Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

The Blue Donkey Sanctuary

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The Blue Donkey Sanctuary is an Animal Sanctuary for All, We Rescue and Take in Animals in Need. We give them a Forever Home on our Farm in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. 

Among our Rescued Animals are Donkeys, a Horse and a Pony, Cattle, Potbelly Pigs, Chickens, Parrots, Dogs etc. 

We are committed to the Animals that we Rescue so they do not get Kenneled or Caged; they live with us at home and become part of our Family.