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Blue Sky Mobile Laundry Service South Africa

Blue Sky Mobile Laundry Service South Africa

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Freshly cleaned clothes, something most of us take for granted. 
Homeless people will never wash their clothes in a park.
Blue Sky Laundry will be a charity based in Pretoria, South Africa that will offer a free mobile laundry service for the homeless

The laundry-on-wheels service aims to give rough sleepers the basic human right to hygiene, and restore their dignity and respect. Ours is a new company that will provide a service that will wash and dry the clothes of the people in Pretoria that do not have the opportunity to do it themselves: the homeless. 

Our goal is to connect communities, raise health standards for the homeless and improve their lives. 
We will buy a truck, fit a couple of industrial washing machines and clothes dryers onto the back of a flat- bed truck as well as an electrical generator and water tanks. The homeless on the street will then be able to let us wash and dry their clothes for them, without having to worry that any of their clothes will go missing.

The laundry-on-wheels  will be on site for three to six hours every day, doing up to 16 or 17 loads of washing and drying each day.  Once this business takes off, this service will be expanded to all the major cities and townships throughout South Africa. 


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

Blue Sky Mobile Laundry Service Cause

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Mobile laundry service to help the  homeless in South Africa.