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Bosom Buddies Swim 2019

Bosom Buddies Swim 2019

Funds Raised:
R 8 991
Fundraising Target:
R 5 000

Personal message

The third annual Bosom Buddies Swim is an informal swim organised by a group of female open water swimmers for breast cancer awareness and to raise funds for The Pink Drive as the non-profit organisation we have chosen to support. It is a short topless ladies-only swim (about 800m) in the Cape Town sea which will take place in January 2019.

Some of the women are seasoned swimmers but many will be swimming in the sea for the first time, all prepared to brave the icy cold of the Atlantic sea in support of a good cause. We will don our pink caps, paint our nails pink, and bravely complete a topless swim through the choppy and icy sea. We expect a great range of ladies from 20-somethings to 60-somethings and the swim will be celebrated with hot chocolate and cupcakes afterwards.

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  • Feb 20, 2019 - R 500.00 Fees covered
  • "In support of Maura Sanderoff " - Mike and Colleen Ingram

  • Feb 02, 2019 - R 2 890.00 Fees covered
  • "Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who took part and special love to Libby XXX " - Bosom Buddies

  • Jan 28, 2019 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "For Carol" - Carol Elphick

  • Jan 28, 2019 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "Sorry I can't make it to the swim ! For my friend Elfie who was so brave!" - Annelie

  • Jan 27, 2019 - USD $ 26.30 Fees covered
  • "Thanks! " - Cindy

  • Jan 27, 2019 - R 300.00 Fees covered
  • "Well done to all you wonderful ladies! " - Helmke

  • Jan 26, 2019 - R 500.00 Fees covered
  • "Thank you Ladies- heartfelt, Respect so much Gratitude. " - Elaine Seidel

  • Jan 26, 2019 - USD $ 11.58 Fees covered
  • "Well done for organising this amazing event. " - Monika Hayes

  • Jan 26, 2019 - R 1 000.00 Fees covered
  • "So much love ?? " - Caz

  • Jan 26, 2019 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "In support of patients and their caregivers, as well as all my special swimming buddies" - Bettina

  • Jan 26, 2019 - R 500.00 Fees covered
  • "From Cindy and her Foobs (fake boobs). Get out there and be tested!" - Cliffy

  • Jan 26, 2019 - R 410.00 Fees covered
  • "For my Libby loo and all the strong brave women out there" - Leigh

  • Jan 26, 2019 - R 100.00 Fees covered
  • "An extremely worthwhile cause! " - Sarahan

  • Jan 26, 2019 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "In support of a great cause!" - Erica

  • Jan 25, 2019 - R 50.00 Fees covered
  • "in support of those braving much more than cold water. " - Linda T

  • Jan 25, 2019 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "for all the brave women" - Marie

  • Jan 24, 2019 - USD $ 36.20
  • "<3 " - Karen

  • Jan 20, 2019 - USD $ 19.02 Fees covered
  • "In support of all the brave women in my family!" - Paul Kopke

  • Jan 18, 2019 - USD $ 7.67 Fees covered
  • "For Carol" - Maura Sanderoff

  • Jan 14, 2019 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "Happy swimming :) " - KM

  • Jan 07, 2019 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "I'd love to join you but not to be. Enjoy the swim!" - vnf

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Fundraising target

R 5 000.00

Donations to date

R 8 990.63

PinkDrive Breast Cancer Fundraising

PinkDrive Breast Cancer Fundraising Logo

PinkDrive NPC, a health sector NGO, was founded in 2009 by Ms Noelene Kotschan, on the premise that  “Early detection saves lives.” PinkDrive’s cardinal purpose is to contribute meaningfully towards preventing as many people as it can, from succumbing to breast, cervical, prostate and testicular cancer. 

Its primary focus is on citizens without access to reasonable care for these conditions, and who reside in areas where health services do not reach. It recognises that treatable cancers receiving even the basic levels of care could translate into varying lengths of extended life for the afflicted when detected and treated early. Its posture is ostensibly a promoter of health awareness in general, and specifically health education and heightening awareness of gender-related cancers in South Africa.  

Our Mission:  

Promote awareness and early detection of, and screening for gender-related cancers in the general  population of South Africa, using the message “Early detection will help to prolong life.”  

Our Vision:  

To be the leading non-governmental organisation dedicated to creating and promoting awareness about cancer in South Africa, and potentially beyond.  

Our delivery:  

PinkDrive has five principal interventions through its flagship programmes, PinkDrive® and More Balls  Than Most®, channelled through mobile point-of-contact service delivery by skilled certificated  medical/nursing practitioners, namely:  

  1. Clinical Breast Exams: A mass screening service provided to woman and men of all ages. This service includes one-on-one cancer education focusing on self-examinations as well as a breast examination.  2. Mammograms: A select screening service primarily provided for a woman over the age of 40, unless they are referred for a mammogram by a Doctor.  
  2. Pap Smears: Cervical Cancer Screening.  
  3. Prostate-Specific Antigen Test (PSA): These tests are a form of rapid testing for men above the age of  40 years old. These tests are administered by testing an adequate sample of blood taken from a subject.  5. Prostate and Testicular Cancer Awareness and Education: At all activations, More Balls Than Most sets up information booths and supplies information flyers to educate the public about Prostate and Testicular  Cancer.  

Our beneficiaries:  

Indigent and medically uninsured woman and men are the primary beneficiaries of PinkDrive NPC’s commitment. Citizens living in rural, township and semi-urban geographies across South Africa, are of the highest priority. Beneficiaries who can afford to pay for the service, are charged an approved nominal amount, which in turn funds the services to the indigent and medically uninsured beneficiaries.