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Bran & Mish Need Help COVID19

Bran & Mish Need Help COVID19

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My name is Karen Garcia and I am raising funds for my son Brandon and his little family.  His fiance and their baby girl. The Covid19 lock down is taking away there home as they can't pay rent and the landlord is kicking them out.  They have very little family support, only me and I don't have much.  They are really struggling and this is a desparate situation.  Please help me, help them.  

Brandon was retrenched then struggled to find a job, as life would have it he found a job just as the COVID19 lock down was imposed.  He was looking after his daughter after schools closed and is a really good father, he takes being a Dad seriously and providing for his family is his sole purpose.

Once lockdown happened his finance lost her job and now they have no income. With no income their landlord has said they have to vacate the flat that they have just moved into.  The landlord isn't concerned with the fact that she cannot evict them during the pandemic.

They have to pay rent or they have to move out. They have no money for food and have no hope of paying the rent. I have asked the people I rent from if they can move in with me, however, they have said my flat is too small and it would be overcrowding and they will not allow anybody else to move into my flat.  

Both my son and his fiance are devastated and are very worried about their future. They are just starting out and have just moved into their flat. The lockdown has prevented them from finding jobs and I am just trying to get them through the next few months.  Please can you help me help this little family.  Can I ask if you can share this on your facebook page, my social circle is very small and my family is not able to assist, therefore this desparate request.

I plan to raise money to get my son and his family through this awful time (the next few months while the pandemic has us in lock down). They can't get jobs during the lockdown, this is not a situation of their own making and COVID19 doesn't only make you sick but can destroy many peoples lives.  I just want to help them get through this.  They have nobody to help them.  What would really help is if somebody has a second hand bakkie that Brandon can use to do various jobs (transporting goods, helping people get food, general maintenance), he is skilled at home maintenance and has worked for a company that did everything from home repairs (plumbing, electrical, driveway repairs, fibre installations and building).  If you have a job that he could apply for even better,

The money will be used to buy food for them and their baby girl and pay rent for a few months until they can both find jobs.  I don't know if this makes a difference but I am making face masks for the doctors, nurses and patients at my local medical clinic.  I am trying to do my part but I can't the help the people in my family who need it most. The amount I have asked for is low as I am just trying to get their rent paid while we are in lockdown and they cannot move. This all impacts my Granddaughter, who is the light of my life.  I would love to show you pictures but am not sure that would be right.  She is loved and protected by her Dad and Mom (& Gran) and part of this request is making sure they are able to care for her and that she has a home and safety. I really need your help and support.  It's broken my heart.


  • May 01, 2020 - R 210.00
  • "I wish I could give more. Bless you for being the Dad you are! It makes me heart sore to know that they are one of so many in a similar situation.! " - Sally

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My name is Karen Garcia and I am raising funds for my son Brandon and his little family.  His fiance and their baby girl.