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Brendan Kemp - back surgery

Brendan Kemp - back surgery

Personal message


My name is Jayne Kemp. I am the proud mother of a wonderful 24-year-old son, Brendan, who despite his daily battle with chronic back pain always manages to put a smile on his face and offer a hand to anyone who needs it. He had smiling deep blue eyes but all I see now days is pain. As a mother, it breaks my heart to think that such a young and normally full of life person has to suffer so much on a daily basis.

Brendan needs a 3 level lumbar spinal fusion due to severe disc degeneration, disc herniation and a 20% slip of one of his vertebrae's, multi-level nerve impingement (first diagnosed 2015 and treated conservatively until now)

After seeing the specialist 26 March 2019 he was booked for theatre 02 April 2019 which has had to be postponed. He needs this treatment ASAP.

Medical expenses for surgery:

Hospital – R100,295.49 (incl ICU, theatre and all other hospital expenses)
Prosthesis – R35,000 (Initial quote was R57 027.11)
Neurosurgeon– R 25,508.50
Orthopedic surgeon – R 21,489.61
Other (Physio, Laboratory) – R6,220.00
Anesthetist – R 11,052.60

This procedure will be life-changing for Brendan. He is a young father of two beautiful 4-year-old daughters - he has his whole life ahead of him and currently has no quality of life. His condition is impacting his work as he is unable to perform his normal duties. Work is essential for him to be able to provide for his young family. His chronic pain is debilitating and unrelenting and since his recent specialist consultation he has also started dragging his left foot - without his spinal fusion, he will soon not be able to work or provide for his family and will be resigned to a life of pain and suffering.


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My wonderful 24-year-old son, Brendan, has chronic pain. Brendan needs 3-level lumbar spinal fusion due to severe disc degeneration, disc herniation, a 20% slip of one of his vertebrae and multi-level nerve impingement.