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Bright Starts Child Care - For Children with Prenatal Drug/Alcohol Dependency Withdrawals

Bright Starts Child Care - For Children with Prenatal Drug/Alcohol Dependency Withdrawals

Personal message

Bright Starts Child Care has a vision. 

Bright Starts Child Care is a non-profit organization established by Pamela van der Merwe aimed at helping and supporting babies and children born with Pre-Natal Drug & Alcohol Abuse Withdrawal.

The children are born to parents who themselves abuse or abused drug and alcohol during pregnancy and passed the abuse on to the unborn child. 

With problems like sleep difficulty; behavioral problems; violent tantrums; screaming bouts; psychological difficuties; learner difficulties; eating disorders; allergies; to name but a few, these children need alot of help. 

Unfortunately the Foster-parents of Pre-Natal drug & Alcohol Abuse Withdrawl children receive very little, if any, sopport from the government and people around them.

In steps, Bright Starts would like to offer help and support.

From a starting point we need donations of wool for our volunteers to knit beanies and scarves for the coming winter. We need foods; clothes; formula; nappies; baby toiletries; tinned foods; toilet paper; clothes; etc. 

We would like to establish a community help center where the children and parents can come to a "safe" space and share experiences, information, resources. With the help of volunteers we can offer classes for basic reading, writing, coloring, light activities to help stimulate the children. 

 Here the children can learn from us and from each other how to cope with what is going on inside their own bodies, and the world around them. 

We intend to have fund raising initiatives, cake sales, anything to generate an income for this worthy cause. 

With drop off points in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, Muizenberg and Boksburg on the Gauteng East Rand, we are also easily reached by mobile phone/whatsapp (063 041 9792) or email: or visit our facebook page Bright Starts 


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 250 000.00

Bright Starts Child Care

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Bright Starts Child Care is a Non-profit organization established by Pamela van der Merwe, aimed at giving children lost in the system a chance at life.