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Let's bring Buhle home

Let's bring Buhle home

Personal message

Buhle means beauty and that is exactly what 30–year old, Buhle Ncube brought into my life when we first met 5 years ago. We had so many things in common, not only were we around about the same age but she too believed in following your dreams and being a strong independent female.

While she devoted her entire life to caring for her 9-year old daughter, I devoted mine to starting my own little business. Buhle knew this was my baby. She cared for it and nurtured it like it was her own. Together, we were unstoppable, working long days and nights to keep both of our dreams alive. 

In August, Buhle fell terribly ill. Complaining about shortness of breath. I rushed her to the hospital and that is where she stayed up until recently. Her condition just kept getting worse by the day. Then on 09 October she took her final breath. 

Blood clots in her lungs took my Buhle away from us. Not just away from me but from her young daughter who she raised all by herself.

Wings of change was able to help us get Buhle body back home which has been such a blessing.

I am now asking you to help me keep Buhle's dream alive by helping to raise her 9 year old daughter and keep her in school.  Thembinkosi will now need to come and stay with her grandmother in South Africa (who is a domestic worker). We will be using the funds to get her a passport. Futhermore the funds will be used to pay for school tuition, get her new school uniforms and books.

Please help me to keep Buhle's dream alive and provide the best life we possible can for a little girl who have no parents.


  • Oct 15, 2020 - R 200.00
  • "I hope my little donation can help Buhle’s family." - Daniella

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Donations to date

R 200.00

Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

In Loving Memory of Buhle Ncube Cause

In Loving Memory of Buhle Ncube Cause Logo

Anne Schoonbee is raising funds for Buhle Ncube, who passed away on the 9th of October 2020. Funds are needed to get Buhle's body to her family in Zimbabwe.