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Build For Paws

Build For Paws

Personal message

I am one of the co-founder's & directors of SHR NPO. Our rescue sanctuary aims to rescue & rehabilitate neglected, abused and abandoned dogs.

We provide these rescues with shelter, a safe haven, nutritious food, tons of love, vetinerary care, and a family to call their own.

We are a family run NPO with a passion to help animals in need, we currently have 58 dogs on our property and desperately need to put up secure kennels and fencing for their safety and wellbeing, as well as to help more dogs in need. We are on a farm and have so much space but lack the funding to get the proper infrastructure in place, therefore resulting in us being unable to assist more dogs that really need our help.

By donating towards this campaign, you will be providing our rescues with comfortable and safe kennels and enclosures as well as providing dogs in need with a safe resort. Please do note that our rescues are not kept in isolation, they are well socialized into packs and play in massive enclosures during the day. At night they are opened to roam the farm. Each and every single one of our rescues is sterilized and fully vaccinated.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 270 000.00

Summerveld Hound Resort

Summerveld Hound Resort  Logo

Who we are:

Summerveld Hound Resort (NPO 225-939) is a family operated animal rescue that is situated in the heart of Assagay, KZN.

What we do:

Our aim is to rescue and rehabilitate neglected, abused and unwanted animals.
We aim to educate society about animal welfare and sterilization. Once our funding is on point we wish to go into townships and hold animal welfare workshops. We also are involved in assisting other animal rescues by finding loving homes for their furbabies.

How our journey started:

It all started on the 21st of July 2016 at our regular visit to the vet for dog food when we laid our eyes on the most precious little being. The Westville Veterinary Hospital had taken care of this little puppy a week before we adopted her. On this day our lives changed. Our eyes opened up to the grotesque reality and we became aware of how innocent animals were victims of torture, abuse, neglect, and mistreatment.
Our conscious was awakened and we realized that we had been living in a cocoon.

The second turning point in our lives came when we were driving home one night in Umhlatuzana when we saw this little black kitten near the edge of the road. We turned our car back to fetch her. It took a while to get her as she was afraid and tried attacking us, but we were not prepared to leave her behind and let her fend for herself. That night she was under constant watch in the room and she cried the entire night. The next morning we took her to the vet. They took her in and we waited. The nurse said that the kitten had snuffles that were incurable and they wouldn't be able to treat her, so we asked them to give her back to us so that we could try to treat her ourselves. The nurse refused to give back our baby and then informed us that they had put her down. Without our consent, she had taken an innocent life. The nurse told us she did that because the kitten would have infected the other pets at the vet.

It took us a long time to recover, but we could never forget our baby, Angel. We then became more determined and driven to help as many unwanted, unloved and abused animals out there as we could. We wanted to make a difference in their lives because that is what mattered to us the most.
That's when our mission to save innocent lives began.

How we Operate:

We are a forever home to our rescues because we believe that they are part of our family, and we could not possibly imagine life without them.

We did attempt to rehome some of our rescues numerous times, home checks were even done & approved, but during our surprise visits, we were appalled at seeing their conditions.
When trying to rehome our rescues, we found that many people were just interested in finding a playmate for their pet, or a guard dog, and some people didn't like that our furbabies weren't of a specific breed.

How we stand out:

Our furbabies are the apples of our eye and thinking that they wouldn't be treated with love, respect and compassion because of their breed just breaks our heart. Our rescues also have their own packs and the majority of them grew up with their siblings and even mothers. Separating them and breaking their families would be a sin. Therefore none of our babies are up for adoption.

We are completely against animal cruelty and therefore follow a vegan diet and lifestyle. As we believe every being is equal and has an equal right to life.

We are a family of four that has undying compassion for helping animals in need and due to our immense love for them, we started this NPO.

Our rescues are grouped together according to their temperaments. During the course of the day, they are put out together in large enclosures, and at night they are opened and are free to roam the property.

We believe in socializing our furbabies because keeping them in isolation often results in anxiety, aggression, depression and kennel stress.
We, therefore, have 5 groups of dogs, each consisting of 8-12 dogs.
Our cats have their own secure enclosure.


Since we are a fairly new NPO we haven't started fundraising as yet, from 2016 up until now, our dad, has funded everything and has supported our passion for animals. Now that we are an NPO, we want to start fundraising so that we are able to support our rescues ourselves.

Furniture With A Cause is something we are currently working on, we aim to collect & recycle old furniture and pallets into designer dog beds and outdoor furniture which we will sell to raise funds for our rescues.

We are also looking to host events in the near future, such as market days, fun walks, etc, to raise funds for our furbabies.

For more information about us or how you can assist us please contact Vyaksha on 071 471 4606 or email us at [email protected]
To check our regular updates please visit our Facebook page @summerveldhoundresort and our Instagram page @summerveldhoundresort.