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Building an Art Centre for Children at the Orphanage

Building an Art Centre for Children at the Orphanage

Personal message

Hello I am Gaone

I and A Group of My Artist friend Were Called Last Month July at SOS for the 1 child 1 tree campaign..When We got there we realized that kids at SOS Are very passionate about Art but they had no Art Studio to express their inner children and We Formed a foundation..In this Foundation we want to provide them With an environment to learn and live art this provides a comprehensive quality education, using an paints and brushes,we volunteered to help them learn how to draw and paint, We Want to promote the development of these children and mainly give them a place where they can feel comfortable. However, they will understand that for this it is necessary to have funds.


But as you will see now, the circumstances are very difficult and we need your support so as build a Studio for Such to happen. By reading what I mentioned earlier, you can understand that we are not some kind of big organization, just people like you and me who want to help. Therefore, the purchase of a property is difficult for us alone since it is quite expensive… The building is valued at R20000

And For Art Materials we Need about R5000


We Want to Cater for each and Every Kid In The Children’s home

We are confident that they can help these children to achieve their dreams and have a better life ...

Every penny counts.

If you cannot donate, by spreading this campaign you would also be helping these children a lot. We look forward to your help !!


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

SOS Charity Fund

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The SOS Charity fund, which forms part of DWR Distribution, is a charity organization aimed
at freelancers in the entertainment and theatre industry and was born in December 2017.
The SOS aims to lend a heling hand, on a merit basis, with basic assistance should a
freelancer fall ill, injure themselves, or in the worst case-scenario, pass away, leaving their
family under immense pressure. The SOS has also been involved in projects that offer hope
and a touch of inspiration!

This charity assists with deeds like providing grocery hampers, helping with medical bills,
funeral costs, and helping with finances for motivational youth projects or as the need