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#Support a refugee student education #Fundraising compaign

#Support a refugee student education #Fundraising compaign

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The Kivu Province of the DR Congo was the hardest hit by the situation of war and internal conflicts since the early 1996 leading to a situation of unrest and economic stagnation and has seen its younger and active population migrating mostly toward the Southern Africa seeking asylum. Eligible active youth and Children born from this generation, now at the age to access tertiary education have limited opportunities to qualify for bursaries and other available educational grants toward tertiary education; and in most cases parents and relatives are unable to afford the costs of higher education, leading to these future generation not able to achieve their life dreams for a better well-being. In addition, the majority of this community live in a desperate, distressed, indignity and vulnerable situation not knowing exactly what the future hold for them.

The Majority of this community live here South Africa, a Country with the highest number of refugees, about more than 3.2 million refugees and asylum seekers live here. This has caused a huge challenge to both the South African Government and refugees alike, resulting in many refugees’ difficulties in accessing social assistance, health care, and education; mainly because the current Government do not clear legislations policies on refugees’ socio-economic rights, and of course the limited available resources and unbalanced social welfare this country endures.    

It's for this cause that #SupportARefugeeStudent fundraising campaign has been initiated by the Umoja Development Foundation (UDF), the initiative is to raise fund in order to support access to higher education for a number of refugees children from the Kivu Community that lives here in South Africa. We have a huge number of these children that thus they completed their high schools or grade 12 matriculations, many find it difficult to pursue higher education or University due mainly to financial constraint. 

It’s estimated that about 80% refugees and asylum seekers that successfully complete their high school can't continue further mainly due to lack of funds and access to available scholarships opportunities; as most of available private and Government bursaries / scholarships are mostly reserved to South African Citizen. In previous year,  few bursary opportunities were also available refugees children at some institutions, but with the #FeesMustFall protests in recently, these doors were totally closed; shutting many dreams and leaving many lives to their own mercy!

Let's join the campaign, support, donate and change someone's live, change a refugee / asylum seeker's life, help to make these vulnerable children dreams and their hope for a better tomorrow alive!

We believe that parents are not only those that can save life, but also those that support and educate it.

Your generosity and good hearts can go a long way to assisting to shape someone's future. It takes a village to raise a child!!!!

Support education of a refugee child from Kivu, support education, save a life, be generous!


  • Aug 01, 2019 - R 100.00
  • "Good cause" - janot rukungira

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R 1 000 000.00

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UMOJA DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (UDF) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, registered with the Social Development Department. The Foundation strive to make higher education possible to a child and young refugees and migrant’s that can’t afford it, and to empower and help restore hope and well-being of the refugee’s community through educational support and sponsorship, and the promotion of social development and sustainable economic empowerment initiatives.

Foundation is registered as NPC through the Ministry or Department of Social Developement of the Republic of South Africa, and is Section 18 A Certificate Tax Exempted. Let us know should you need a sections 18 A certificate of tax deduction for your bona fide donation to the Foundation.

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